Sony PS5 exposure: support 4K 240 frames, released in 2019

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Sony's PS4 Pro seems to have suffered some embarrassing situation, because the sale time is not long, known as the function of the full hanging Xbox One X turned out. Microsoft is very decisive, the hardware on the first, even at the expense of resources from the exclusive withdrawal of IP to feed, we can see in the next generation of the host after the battle of injury how deep. However, Sony will never sit still. According to GamingBol reported that Sony PS business North American CEO Shawn Layden said in an interview, they have indeed started a new generation of host research and development.Sony PS5 exposure: support 4K 240 frames, released in 2019

At the same time, analyst Michael Pachter further added, PS5 is expected to support the local 4K 240FPS picture experience, and can be compatible with all for PS4 Pro to create works.

The latest news also pointed out that the Sony PS5 is scheduled for release in 2019.
In the previous, TT informant at the Taipei Computer Show said, PS5 abandoned APU, for the independent graphics card, which in advance to 2018 later.

In short, Sony may be in April next year's earnings plan for the first time officially disclosed PS5 listing plan.


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