Steam Users’ Forums will officially close the June 5 permanent blockade

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Recently, found that the Steam players BBS (the Users' Forums) suddenly into not to go, the Valve before that does not give any warning and notice, then a V club employee John McCaskey in Reddit explains Steam players BBS (the Users' Forums) of an emergency, and to be scare players apologized.
John McCaskey said Steam Users BBS (the Users' Forums) will be officially closed on June 5, 2017, close to earlier suddenly BBS and has carried on the apology did not inform the player, so they decided to open players access to the BBS, but will not open for a long time, to open to allow players to have time to save some feel meaningful content on the BBS, June 5, will be permanently closed.

Steam Users' Forums will officially close the June 5 permanent blockade
The emergence of Steam community (steamcommunity) replaced Steam players BBS, but there are some players to have feelings for those old BBS, V club did not inform directly closed the behavior does have some incredible, according to Alexa web site statistics, nearly 7% of netizens are accessed through BBS of Steam, but after the official BBS again open, gave the players a certain buffer time.
The Steam player forum will be completely and permanently closed on June 5, and if the player has anything to save it will need to be saved.


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