Survival game “Minidayz” on the shelves Google Play and Apple App Store, and dayz what difference?

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According to media reports (Minidayz) will launch on July 3 on the global shelves, then will be landing on the Android and iOS platform.


Does "Minidayz" and the famous "Dayz" have the necessary relevance? -Will it be the "mini version" that is licensed on the mobile platform? We naturally have to start with "Dayz".
"Dayz" is the Bohemia produced a sand box survival game, with the zombie virus raging doomsday world background, the player's task is very simple, survive. However, because of the odd number of bugs, plug-in flooding, the popularity of the work has continued to decline. In particular, there is a powerful enemy ring, such as the same type of "H1z1", in the media to contribute to the game, "the players to attack each other" continuous fermentation, "H1z1" instant reach the peak of concern.


In fact, "Dayz" 's plates are too large--the game creates a 225-square-kilometer coastal area--and has not yet issued a full public beta. It is not surprising that a of these large-scale multiplayer games have been discarded by players.

Survival game

Talk again, "Dayz" has also been a high-profile IP, "Minidayz" caught its "downwind car", in the acquisition of attention or will save a lot of effort. A few years ago, "Day Z" is Fire, a "Minidayz" game also followed, later Bohemia bought the game, after improved, it became the upcoming pixel style mini Dayz.


According to what we've learned earlier, "Minidayz" is a simple, albeit primitive, pixel style, but it's really a complete feature. The game contains a complete weather system, day and night cycle, AI survivors, and so on, driven by the will to survive, the player is like a real survivor, to find ways to survive, get food, kill zombies. Of course, the size of "Minidayz" is not the same as "Dayz", but in the hand-tour platform, the emergence of such a games, is also very well worth looking forward to. Another game I enjoy playing is online casino games at How many extracts of "Day Z" have been learned by "Minidayz"? This will not be known until the game is really on the shelves. Since it belongs to the same gate, there will be some blood lineage, then let us say it is "Day Z" low edition of It!