Susan Fowler’s gender scandal has affected Uber’s US market share

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June 15, the US media reported that the last three on credit card spending and consumer attitudes survey, by the gender discrimination scandal, Uber's US market share and brand image decline. TXN Solutions, a company that creates sales estimates based on credit card receipts, has dropped Upp's market share from 90% to 75% over the past two years, according to its research data.

According to data released today (USA), the last 3% (78.8% -75.3%) of the fall occurred between Susan Fowler's blog in mid-February and the first week of June.

In contrast, Uber rival Lyft, its market share from the period of 21.2% to 24.7%.Susan Fowler's gender scandal has affected Uber's US market share

February 19 this year, Uber former engineer Susan Fowler publicly accused, Uber internal sexual harassment and gender discrimination, which led to the Uber workplace and corporate culture of the internal investigation.

This week, Uber published a report detailing how to improve the corporate culture. Reduce the amount of alcohol consumed by employees, prohibit employees and managers of the abnormal relationship, will also employ more diverse labor. However, Uber's board member, David Pound, speaks sex discrimination jokes at an internal meeting, which is undoubtedly worse for Uber, who is already in the scandal. Recently, Uber co-founder and chief executive officer Travis Kalanick said the temporary leave