Talk about the government cabinet, Trump: I only let the rich in charge of the economy

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US President Trumpe said Wednesday in the Iowa rally on Wednesday (June 21) that "the people do not want the poor to take charge of the economy and only the rich" because the rich are already rich, The other countries will not be able to account for the cheapness of the United States. "

Trump believes that the appointment of Goldman Sachs president and CTO Gary Cohn for senior consultants is a reason, because the United States need to use the rich thinking to control the economy, "whether the poor or the rich I love, but in some Important position, I do not want to use a poor person, it is reasonable! If you do not agree, I will choose this method.

Talk about the government cabinet, Trump: I only let the rich in charge of the economy

U.S. President Donald Trump gestures at the Infrastructure Summit with Governors and Mayors at the White House in Washington. REUTERS/Yuri Gripas

▲ Trump counter James Comey's testimony, saying that one hundred percent is willing to attend the hearing to testify.

In fact, in last year's participation in the Republican presidential primaries, Trump attacked opponents Ted Cruz unfairly presided over the presidency, "I know Goldman's man, who controls Ted Cruz as if he controlled Hillary Clinton!" In the public, "Wall Street people are the same, I will not let them control everything, Wall Street for the United States made a lot of problems." Contrast at the time of the speech, Trump seems contradictory, foreign media attacked him Appointed business wealthy businessmen around the world have a holding, it is difficult to avoid the conflict between their own interests and public office.


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