Tencent game platform Wegame rise threatens Steam

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Steam was sent to leave the news of China triggered no small panic. According to the game media on August 7 in the microblogging release of the news, the old British game magazine "EDGE" published in the latest issue of an article entitled "Eastern Promise" article. This article at the beginning wrote: a Tencent internal senior manager in November 2016 "Final Fantasy 15" China conference, to a domestic game developers revealed some of the company's future plans, one of the important information is: "When the time comes, Steam will cease to exist in China."

This information source is unusually twists and turns. Even if the "EDGE" reputation in the industry is high, the author Simon Parkin is also for the "New Yorker", "Guardian" writer, this broke the news also seems a bit fuzzy. In addition to this sentence, no other information.
With the news of the players in the fermentation - many of them expressed panic and worry - in the afternoon of August 8, Tencent Wegame official blog came out rumor that no one to participate in last year's "Final Fantasy 15" Shanghai release Will, and declared: "WeGame has been advocating fair competition." After this microblogging was Tencent Wegame official blog to Zhiding.

This is not Tencent for the outside world speculation that it will hinder the development of Steam China's first voice. As early as this year in April Tencent each other conference, Tencent on the external emphasis: "Steam in China, server, payment and any other issues, absolutely nothing to Tencent."

These tense statements reveal one thing - just as the article titled "Eastern Promise" wants to be explored - in any case, Tencent is becoming a huge threat to other cross-border gaming platforms such as Steam.

Previously informed about the issue "How to look at Tencent game platform to do" China Steam "? "The answer," MR.QUIN "may also reflect the part of the Steam user's attitude:" more than one game platform choice is good, but the premise is not to become the only choice, there are tons of options from cozino rainbow games. " "

Tencent game platform Wegame rise threatens Steam

For many domestic gamers, Steam and its founder Gabe Newell have the meaning of "opening the door to the new world" for them. Established in 2003 is the world's largest PC game distribution platform, the world's large number of game companies, independent game developers in this platform to sell their own development or agent of the game, it has become a public online players gathering community The

Although Steam opened China by the end of 2015, but now the number of users, now China has become the third largest market in Steam. According to SteamSpy data, in July this year, the number of Chinese players on Steam has more than 20 million, second only to the United States and Russia.

However, in the past for a long time, Chinese players are not aware of Steam is not cold - most of them are more keen on the free online games in the krypton gold, the price tag of the lack of paid games.

Steam in China started, thanks to "Dota 2" this in the domestic players have a "faith 2" said the game. In 2012, due to "Dota 2" released in the Steam, many players into the platform to register to grab the activation code. In 2013, Valve and the perfect world in China to build a "Dota 2" server, all "Dota 2" account must be bound Steam account, Steam users in China and therefore have an explosive growth. At first this binding so many players feel disgusted, but they gradually found that, Steam was originally a surprise full of large game library.

In order to seize this vast market, Steam has also made many adaptable strategies to adjust.
In the opening of China, taking into account the level of consumption of Chinese players, Steam on the game to varying degrees of price cuts. For example, B's 3A masterpiece "Radiation 4", the US area of ​​$ 59.99, while the Chinese price of 199 yuan, almost half the price of cheap. Of course, there is also an important factor in setting China as a low-cost area to help them attract and train more paid players in the Chinese market.

Spoiled Gabe Newell

Steam has increased support for third-party payments to Alipay, microblogging, and iBT, and rented a dedicated server for download and streaming for special situations on the domestic network. At the beginning of 2016, Steam also launched the Lunar New Year Spring Festival promotions for the first time - for this global game platform, the Spring Festival was not an important festival.
Strong promotion, the Chinese players' purchasing power did not let Steam and overseas game companies disappointed. In the case of the "Grand Theft Auto 5", which was sold in 2015, the game sold 843,000 copies in China, and "CS: GO" sold more than 1 million copies in China.
All this is likely to be with the launch of Tencent Wegame was shaken.

When WeGame as a TGP upgrade products were initially announced, many well-known foreign game media that the "China's Steam" will bring a huge threat to Steam, Polygon will WeGame as "Steam the first real competitor" The

Needless to say, in the country to create a game distribution platform, Tencent does have a huge advantage.

On the one hand is localization, Tencent on the "curiosity daily" argument is, "in the Chinese market, in addition to the most basic products and services, for any Chinese company to do, may be in the local experience (than Steam ) To do better. "This localization experience includes the finished version, the server is more stable, the issuance of policy compliance and so on.

Tencent game platform Wegame rise threatens Steam

Support for Chinese games on the proportion of Steam is not high, the English game is still the main body, which also led to Steam has long been regarded as a number of domestic elite players exclusive. At the same time, from time to time the server downtime problem also affects the domestic players experience. Not long ago, Chinese users opened the Steam store frequently encountered 101,103 errors. Finally, Steam customer service is given the response is: This is the local isp service provider, there is no solution.

From the market scale point of view, Tencent game has become the largest domestic game company, and Steam is a small minority products, is still walking in the gray area of ​​Chinese law.

In the competition between Steam and Tencent, a considerable number of publishers hold a cautious optimism.
Independent game developer Guo Liang research and development of the "pumpkin adventure" was the first line of the National Bank PS4 game. And he founded the latest fat pudding studio for the "Little Triangle hero" in May this year, landing the TGP platform, on the line a month later, the official announcement of the game sales in the TGP platform has more than Steam.
"At least at least for the players on the developers are a good thing, there are more choices.WeGame at least for our domestic developers will be a lot of communication will be convenient." But Guo Liang also mentioned: "As for how the future Hard to say.

"Little Triangle Hero"
Independent game company Coconut Island also doing the game distribution business. Founder Bao Weiwei and Guo Liang have a similar view: "For us is a chain of upstream and downstream relations, we may give them more products, so for the platform, we are holding an open and cooperative attitude."
However, Tencent and Valve biggest difference is that Tencent essence is an Internet company, rather than just a game company. This can also explain why Tencent is always willing to promote "add value outside the game fun", similar to "friends social", "rich media form of vivid communication", Tencent can bring multi-platform activity.
According to Tencent 2016 earnings data, QQ number of users is about 868 million. At the same time Tencent announced in May this year, the first quarter results show that WeChat and WeChat merger of the number of active users has reached 938 million.

Any have QQ account, WeChat account users can easily log all the products Tencent's. For them, WeChat payment, QQ wallet is very convenient way to pay, in order to take out a pocket pocket money and then simple. In the article entitled "Eastern Promise", a living designer in China, Cincinnati believes that Tencent's rise comes from its constantly absorbing users, rather than making games.

As Tencent said in an interview, their "potential user groups are more huge." These users in the past contact with the game channel may be very narrow, they may not have played any foreign masterpiece, do not know what is Steam, but it is possible in Tencent's product under the propaganda offensive, friends, WeChat friends circle, QQ space To share the promotion into WeGame new users, interested in PC games - like Tencent had to promote online games, hand travel when the same practice.

Tencent is now quite successful, "Heroes Union" developer Riot Games, "World of Warcraft" development company moving to Blizzard, Finland's mobile gaming giant Supercell, "roller coaster" development company Frontier have become partners or investment objects, Even the independent game is the focus of the WeGame program.

Tencent game developer platform last year held a global independent game developer contest, Tencent also launched earlier this year to focus on support for independent game Aurora plan. A very interesting thing is that Tencent announced in April this year after WeGame, the new platform on the first line of the game is a "hero is my" horizontal version of the independent game.
This unified world situation has become Tencent's "soft underbelly".

In a wide range of social basis to introduce the game, whether it is Tencent Wegame, players or game developers, they may not be the risk of sub-as "King glory" by the criticism and control of small storms.

"King who glory" had been the "People's Daily" and other mainstream media criticism, it is even seen as the culprit of the physical and mental health of minors. In July, Tencent made a positive "concessions": "King who glory" launched a strict anti-addiction system, minors every day the game length is limited. In addition, Tencent also upgraded in February launched the "growth guardian platform", and announced further strengthen the real name certification. For WeGame this new platform, like this crisis in the future may not be less.

"King of glory"

In contrast to Steam, this platform can successfully open up the digital distribution market, in addition to just follow the trend of physical games to a weak trend, but also be able to just right to grasp the game with the game and the balance between the developers, which allows them to gradually The trust of the developer.

In 2005, Valve signed the game distribution agreement with third-party game publishers for the first time, and Canada's Strategy First was the first company to sell the game on top. Subsequently, more and more game companies began to join the platform. Steam does not push Valve's own games to push other game companies to be highly competitive, nor will they ignore small and medium-sized companies and independent developers in order to please the game makers. Even in a sense, they are more friendly to those independent developers.
In 2012, Steam launched a plan called Greenlight (favor the light) to help some independent team or independent producer in the case of lack of funds to issue the game. Steam gives the player the right to release the game, let them vote to choose their favorite game, and finally by the Steam game developers to release it on the Steam platform.

This is why Steam games on the number of games so much, the game coverage is so important reason. Players can not only the first time to contact the "wizard", "watchdog", "the whole territory of the blockade" such masterpiece, there are countless interesting independent game waiting for them. And endless stream of promotions and discount activities, but also enough to make the players difficult to let go.
On the other hand, let the game developers and players feel at ease is Valve's strong technical means and the attitude of those who are not tolerant of cheating, which is more than ten years in the stable development of Steam and a major reason for the independence.
In 2002, Valve developed the first version of the VAC anti-cheating system, the program was originally applied to the "CS", it makes some games to give up the original anti-crack program.


Players who are caught by VAC may be subject to a single game blocking or the entire account closure and other different penalties. VAC blockade is permanent, can not be Steam customer service transfer or cancellation, but if it is confirmed that the miscarriage of justice, it will be automatically removed. VAC anti-cheating system has not yet heard the message was successfully cracked, which is a lot of players can not use the plug-in online reasons. According to Dot Esports, Steam has recently blocked a large number of accounts through VAC, and the total number of accounts may exceed 40,000.

Whether for developers or players, Steam this platform is open enough, it is interesting, it is not just a place to sell and buy games.

To make WeGame similar to Steam, Tencent is nothing more than that. Of course, this is only a possibility, after all, placed in front of WeGame game developers and a Chinese approval system.
This irreversible mine pool not only allows players to access to many excellent overseas works of the game, but also the domestic game market and overseas game market isolation. Every player who wants to get the success of the Chinese market outside the Steam platform, the developers must study how to make the game go through approval. Some of the games have gone through the deletion of the plot, the replacement model to enter the Chinese market, but these "harmony" means itself is a kind of damage to the game, in the core players seem unacceptable.

"Grand Theft Auto 5"

For example, "CS: GO" Chinese servers in the blood is harmoniously black, Microsoft had released in China's Windows 10 store "War Machine 4" because the violent elements were forced from the store off the shelves, not to mention "Grand Theft Auto 5 "," Wizard "and so on a large 3A made.
WeGame is facing the biggest problem here - in order to be able to play the first time to those excellent masterpiece, the player finally had to be removed to the Steam platform, which is Steam's largest weight.

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