Tencent to bid for “angry bird” parent company Rovio

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Tencent recently broke the acquisition of the game company, and this is considering the acquisition of the Finnish game production company Rovio Entertainment. If you are not familiar with the name of the company, then you must develop the game "angry bird" will not feel strange.

This acquisition will further consolidate Tencent in the field of dominance in the game. In recent years, Tencent has spent a lot of money to buy a number of well-known game company.


Which is more famous is riot game and his "hero alliance", Hero League now as a global e-sports game, mainly lies in his game style. The game has a variety of heroes of different styles for players free choice, with more rich and convenient items synthesis system, more map games, game built-in matching, ranking and competitive system, the original "Summoner" system and the surrounding Skills, runes, talent and other new system combinations, which derived from the many game features. Heroes Union will bring you into a new and colorful game world. Players play a caller, choose the affiliated countries you trust into the justice of the game, in order to control the rights of VALORAN fight. There is only one rule in this league: the winner is everything!

Informed sources also revealed that despite the final transaction price has not been determined, but any company's purchase price will not be less than 3 billion US dollars.Tencent to bid for

In this regard, from Rovio spokesman Kaisu Karvala said by e-mail:

"We and all our shareholders are evaluating different options to promote the company's more sustainable development. In the future, the company may also choose to IPO, continue to grow strongly and achieve more strategic goals.However, the company managers and owners also Did not give a clear attitude on the IPO.

Over the past decade, Tencent through the acquisition and investment in the way the company's global expansion. Media has statistics, from 2006 to 2016 this decade, Tencent in the field of the game had 34 investment mergers and acquisitions, the amount spent a total of 17.8 billion. These investments are mainly focused on PC games and mobile games.

In 2016, Tencent spent $ 10.2 billion acquisition of the Finnish game company Supercell. In addition, Tencent also invested in US game makers Activision Blizzard and Epic Games. This year, Tencent has invested in Pocket Gems, Xishanju, Space Ape Games and other game companies.


In general, Tencent in the acquisition of overseas game company, will give partners a lot of autonomy, such as Supercell still remain independent operations. In addition, Tencent will use their own resources to help these game companies to enter the Chinese market, such as "Heroes Union" in China has made great success, but also the Supercell hand travel distributed to China.

If the Tencent acquisition success, it will not be out of an angry bird online version of it? A large number of players in the same room with a bird attack each other, think about it also quite interesting.