Tencent vice president said, WeChat will not read, analyze the chat record, my wife and my dialogue, I do not want to hear, do not want to do not impose on others. This is the basic principle. Of course, there are several cases except. Users need to investigate the illegal violations, WeChat will be involved in accordance with the law, if the user information is not received, WeChat in order to ensure that information can be received, will store and forward. The same time as

August 15, Tencent vice president Ding Ke first response to Tencent and Huawei data dispute, said on Friday and Huawei executives to open internal meetings, never talked about the matter before. In the process, Huawei has a particularly good communication, Huawei is a particularly strong technology company, but the value of WeChat-oriented users will never talk to each other, and made it clear that WeChat will not read, analyze the chat, “my wife And my dialogue, I do not want to hear, do not want to impose on others .This is the basic principle. Do technical means are to make everyone easy, “Ding Ke responded.

For the WeChat and Huawei’s data differences, Ding Ke said that on Friday and Huawei executives to open internal meetings, before this has never been, the first foreign media talk about this matter. Tencent and Huawei have a particularly good communication. This time point can not speak, but can share the communication is still in the discussion of some of the ideas. In Ding Ke’s view, Huawei is particularly strong technology companies, but also national pride, in the overseas market is good. Huawei to do this thing is intended to be good, technically, AI can bring more efficient. But the two companies do not really the same idea. For the WeChat chat, “we are more than Huawei to do this thing, but never done.”


Ding Ke said, in addition to the national regulatory strategy, we are not oriented to the value of the user chat with each other, even if the email system storage and forwarding, but the WeChat did not record. Only in the following special circumstances, the first, clear national justice that illegal need to be investigated, WeChat capable, will be in accordance with national law after the intervention. Second, the state clearly requires more people, with the party. Operators will have national compliance requirements. Third, if you are on the plane, the information is not received, WeChat in order to ensure that you can receive information, will store and forward, after receiving no end.

“There are many misunderstandings, Tencent really have the ability, but in all fairness, how many people chat, how much money to do, there is no attempt to spend so much money, the future will not have. We and Huawei concept difference here, we The user first. I do not like, talk with his wife, not suitable for others to know, “Ding Ke said.

Ding Ke further made it clear that WeChat will not read, store WeChat chat records.

Why the user does not attempt, the user social data is a very valuable resource.

In this regard, Ding Ke responded that this border, privacy can not touch. Statistical significance of the data, desensitization through technology. We have technology called PPEN ID, get the data after actually do not know who you are.

Ding Ke added, for example, you come to the National Convention Center, give you welcome page, we discuss many times, this is reasonable. But if you record this morning, noon where you are, and then record it, actually someone else knows that the business is terrible. Technical capacity can do a lot of home, but the internal management, corporate culture to get rid of such things to prevent the occurrence.

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