Tencent WeChat payment with the German Wirecard to enter the European market

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SAN JOSE, Calif., July 10 / PRNewswire-FirstCall / - Tencent Holdings and Wirecard Inc. announced on July 10 that the two companies have signed an agreement that Wirecard will help European merchants to provide solutions that support microseconds and will take effect in November.

Prior to this, China's other third-party payment giant, Alibaba's Alipay has been completed in Germany, more than 2,000 business layout, and is constantly expanding the payment scene.

Tencent Holdings's WeChat payment is one of the leading third-party payment means in China. Wirecard is a German electronic payment service provider that provides leading payment and settlement services in Europe.

It is understood that WeChat applications currently have more than 918 million active users, mobile payment solution WeChat payment with more than 600 million tied card users, equivalent to China Mobile (microblogging) payment market share of 40%. With this partnership, Wirecard opens up the potential for Chinese customers in Europe.

Wirecard company said in a press release that Chinese tourists are important sources of tourism growth in European countries. The average cost per Chinese tourists to reach 3,000 euros, this figure is still growing, Chinese tourists are particularly keen to buy brand-name clothes, jewelry and watches, cosmetics and household products. Wirecard believes that as Chinese consumers are increasingly accustomed to mobile payments, rather than bank card payments, European businesses offer them the preferred means of payment that will attract more consumers. So, if you happen to be an owner of a small business, you should compare best pos systems at posusa.com to decide what system is the best for your business.Tencent WeChat payment with the German Wirecard to enter the European market

"We are honored to be a partner for micropayments to pay for POS payments in Europe, and this partnership will help us to provide a comprehensive alternative payment method for businesses, and we can gradually add additional payment methods with just one interface." Wirecard Mobile Services Execution Vice President JornLeogrande said he is looking forward to expanding his business and providing microcontrollers to customers in all regions of Europe.

According to reports, in the payment process, Wirecard as a single line, for all businesses to integrate all the transactions, and through the collection model to focus on processing transactions. After announcing this partnership, local businessmen in Europe can contact Wirecard for details. After the successful deployment, the solution will take effect in November