The police in the city of Bashu in central Thailand, Tuesday (June 27) evening, was reported to be a local house, the smell of body odor. The police immediately went to probe. The police and the card-issuing officer found a woman with a fatal wound to his neck in the house, and the time of death was within 24-28 hours.


Thai police believe the deceased is a 25-year-old waitress Sriprapha Kosin, and suspected her ex-boyfriend into the house, and then rape her.

Thai police revealed that the poem Bapa lower body bare, upper body clothes not complete. Her feet were tied with clothes, and a large pool of blood was left beside the corpse. There were no signs of fighting, and valuables such as mobile phones, gold necklaces, bracelets and rings were missing, so the police judged the murder as rape and robbery.

▲ 26-year-old Thai beautiful waitress poem Bapa was brutally raped and killed. (Photo/photo from Sun)


The body of the ex-boyfriend was sent to the forensic Department for laboratory investigation and fingerprints were also collected at the scene.


Thai media reported that: ex-boyfriend in a local restaurant when a 5-year service student, during a relationship with a man, but because the former boyfriend good-looking, the pursuit of the audience, the two finally broke up more than one years ago. The former boyfriend, who had repeatedly moved forward with her boyfriend, failed to do so. Thai police speculate that the man may have a murderous result.

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