Thai Changwat Prachuap Khiri Khan recently occurred in a terrorist homicide, 25-year-old waitress poem Bapa suspected human nature and cut throat killed, was found almost naked lying on the floor of the rental house, blood has already become dry turn black. With witnesses claiming to have seen a man wearing a mask leaving the Bapa residence, the police suspect that his boyfriend might have committed the case.
According to local media reports in Thailand, 25-year-old Sriprapha Kosin is a restaurant waitress, by Yu Ban days and not contact, relatives and friends June 27 to rent a smell a stink, so hurriedly alarm to help break the door, did not expect to see her ankle and wrist was tied, with even an ankle brace amazon on, underwear is torn open, almost all naked lying in the blood has become dry turn black.
Thai woman service life case, the boyfriend left wearing a mask suspected to be significant. Sriprapha Kosin was found to have died for about 2-3 days. (Photo/photo from Thailand Daily)

Thai female Sriprapha Kosin

Local police investigation in Thailand found that Sriprapha Kosin’s blouse is lifted to the top of the head, underwear is pulled open exposing the chest, underwear is dragged down, financial losses 2 gold necklace, 1 gold bracelets and 1 mobile phones, plus the right side of the neck has obvious trauma, preliminary analysis may be human nature invasion and throat killing.
The neighbor claimed that the last time he saw Sriprapha Kosin’s figure was a man riding a locomotive carrying her home, leaving the men wearing masks. In addition, due to Sriprapha Kosin outside the Bright Eyes, the body, there are many people pursue, more than 1 years ago with the former boyfriend broke up, later the other side repeatedly put forward compound are rejected, local police do not rule out is the former boyfriend for Love and initiation.
And the poem Bapa friend Noi Nam retorted, “she is obviously a kind girl who will not quarrel with people, why is reality so cruel?” I hope the police can find out the villain who committed this case as soon as possible! 」

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