Thailand woman Pitcha was killed by German boyfriend Papke Nico to drop the valley

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Thailand, a beauty before the disappearance of the accident, the police traced on Sunday after a deep valley found Pitcha's body, suspected her German boyfriend involved a major suspicion. Thai police went to arrest the suspect that night, the other side in front of the police in front of cut throat suicide. Fortunately, after the hospital has been out of danger after the rescue.

The female deceased was 33-year-old Pitcha. On June 30, she was missing near the beach in Phuket, near the beach. Police traced and found her missing before the 36-year-old German boyfriend Papke Nico broke out. After she was evaporated in the world.

Until about 3 pm on Sunday, the police found a dead body in a deep valley in Phuket. Who wear short-sleeved shirt shorts, but did not wear underwear, the face has been heavy hit scars, ribs have stabbed wound.

At about 7:30 pm that day, the police traced the deceased phone signal after the line to find Nicole. He saw the police immediately cut throat suicide. But after the hospital rescue he has no life-threatening, but can not record for the current.Thailand woman Pitcha was killed by German boyfriend Papke Nico to drop the valley▲ Thai woman Pitcha disappeared in Phuket, the Thai police later found that she has been killed.

On the evening of June 30, 2017, a 35-year-old Thai woman, Pitcha, was missing near the Rawai Beach, where Pitcha relatives and friends were not found until about 15:00 on July 9. The body of Pitcha was found in the deep valley of the woods. The body of the deceased was wrapped with brown mats to drop the deep valleys, but in the process of falling by the branches blocked, the police opened the mat found the deceased head was black plastic bag sets, wearing shorts, but did not wear underwear underwear, Large area of ​​the tattoo, the deceased face was heavy hit, the left ribs at the stab, the death time of not less than 7 days.

It is understood that the deceased had a dispute with the German boyfriend Papke Nico (36 years old), then disappeared, and Papke Nico also drove away, and the car discarded in the woods, fled without a trace, so the police expected, Papke Nico is likely to be the murderer of the dead.



July 1917 at 19:30 on the 9th or so, the police according to the mobile phone signal tracking in Phuket a bar found the phone signal of the deceased, but when the Thai police rushed to the bar when Papke Nico has left, with further tracking the police in a lane Papke Nico, Papke Nico, was found to be arrested immediately in front of the police face with a knife cut throat suicide, blood flow to the ground. Then was sent to the hospital by the police, the rescue Papke Nico out of danger, but still can not accept the police investigation asked. At present, health care workers are stepping up treatment, and the police also took precautions on Papke Nico to prevent it from making self-mutilation or escape.

Thailand police learned that, Papke Nico on June 21, 2016 holding a 60-day tourist visa for the first time came to Thailand, and on September 19, 2016 to leave Thailand, after 20 September 2016 again came to Thailand, visa Valid until December 18, 2017, Papke Nico is currently a coach at Phuket.

According to the survey, Papke Nico is likely to kill his girlfriend Pitcha because of jealousy. Papke Nico had been suspected that the deceased was ready to return to his ex-husband, because the deceased often chatted with his ex-husband, and on June 29 the deceased ex-husband also specifically to visit the deceased, then the deceased disappeared.


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