The acquisition of Tesla can change Apple’s autopilot program

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Tesla fourth model price is also the most close to the Model 3 has now begun a small amount of delivery. Well-known Apple analyst Gene Munster recently reiterated its promising view of electric car maker Tesla, and said Apple would be very meaningful to buy it. Apple held a total of $ 250 billion in cash, strictly speaking, enough to allow Apple to Tesla and Netflix at the same time the acquisition, and eventually left a large sum of money.

Apple last month confirmed that the company is developing automatic driving technology, and in the original content is also no small action. Many analysts believe that Apple's hand a huge amount of money, why not directly with the acquisition of another company's way to replace the independent research and development, and perhaps this may be less costly, R & D is more difficult and faster harvest.

The acquisition of Tesla can change Apple's autopilot program

Gene Munster recently said in an interview with Bloomberg television that Apple should do is buy Tesla. Tesla co-founder and chief executive officer of Eldon Maske is estimated not to agree, but the acquisition of it can change Apple's autopilot program. Tesla's current market capitalization is about $ 55 billion.

However, the possibility of Apple's acquisition of Tesla, there is no precedent to find. Gene Munster said that according to past practice, Apple will not buy big brands, but will quietly acquire some fancy business companies and technology, and its income Apple's.