The Chinese version of GPS is coming! The beidou satellite started global network this year!

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Held on May 23, the eighth China satellite navigation academic annual conference, China's satellite navigation system management office director RanCheng its revealed that China has full launch beidou system construction of the third step, the beidou system, no. 3 in the second half of this year 6 ~ 8 global networking satellite launch.

This means that, starting in the second half of this year, China's beidou satellite will officially start a global network to open the beidou system to global services.

Next, there will be the launch of 18 beidou satellites around 2018. RanCheng its said, this will be the first "neighbourhood" all the way along the countries to provide basic services, until 2020, our country built a world-class global satellite navigation system, eventually forming global service ability.

Academic annual meeting in the day, the national space-based PNT Harold Martin, director of the office for the coordination is mentioned, GPS has grown to the fifth generation of satellites, satellite network including 36 satellites, including 31 every day to provide navigation signal, the signal accuracy has reached 45.3 cm to 70.3 cm.

And GPS navigation is improving. Currently, the first star of the new GPSIII global positioning system, known as SV01, has been released into the library, with SV02 and SV03 being assembled and scheduled for launch in March 2018, said Harold Martin.

By contrast, China's beidou system and Europe's Galileo system are still in the "chasing" position. A matter of fact, the world has a global navigation satellite system (GNSS) club, there are only four members, respectively is the GPS, GALILEO European GALILEO, Russian GLONASS GLONASS and China's beidou.

Among them, China's beidou started the night. In the late 20th century, China began to explore the development path of the satellite navigation system suited to the national conditions, and gradually formed the strategy of "three-step" development strategy.

The Chinese version of GPS is coming! The beidou satellite started global network this year!

The first step was to build the beidou satellite navigation test system, the "beidou 1", by the end of 2000.

The second step is completed by the end of 2012 by 14 networking collaborative network running 32 satellites and ground stations heaven and earth satellite navigation system, namely "beidou no. 2", to provide services in the asia-pacific region;

The third step is to be completed around 2020 by 5 geostationary orbit satellites and 30 of the geostationary orbit satellite beidou satellite navigation system in the world, namely "beidou no. 3", provide services to the world.

The first two steps have been achieved, making China the third country in the world to have an autonomous satellite navigation system after the us (GPS) and Russia (GLONASS). So what is the current level of China's beidou?

Annual meeting of China's satellite navigation system committee chairman wang li said, at present, the beidou system has to provide stable and reliable in the asia-pacific region of space and time information service, 15 satellite in orbit and stable operation, 5 new generation beidou satellite has been completed in orbit debugging, the net work.

RanCheng it is more detailed, compared to the big dipper, number one, he says, the beidou no. 2, the system performance are two in-orbit backup satellite launched in 2016, the localization precision is increased from 10 m to 8 m. With the official launch of the China's indigenous "rice class rapid positioning beidou chip", the application of the beidou system has officially entered the "age of meter positioning".

China's chief designer of beidou satellite navigation system Yang Changfeng said that day, beidou system based on beidou no. 2 system no. 3, increased performance better, more signals compatible interoperability with other systems, the user experience better service signal, achieved higher precision spaceborne atomic clocks and the link between star technology, high precision time and space information service ability will be improved.

RanCheng also mentioned, enhance the system will be completed in 2018, beidou foundation the second phase construction, the main area for nationwide meters, decimeter positioning accuracy, and encryption coverage area of cm and post-processing mm revisions of the pilot, all of these are expected to further improve the accuracy of the beidou system.

It is worth noting that the "legalisation" of China's beidou is also speeding up. Since last year, major progress has been made in the international maritime standards area of beidou, after the BDS system has obtained the legal status of international maritime applications, he said. In march this year, the standard for multi-system ship receivers, compatible with GPS, beidou and GLONASS, was approved.

RanCheng said, at present, the beidou system in the field of mobile communications has completed 26 international standards work, under its impetus, beidou permeability in the field of mobile communication in China has reached 25%. "With the development of the beidou global system, the beidou will have an unlimited potential in the age of interconnectedness," he said.