The new blackmail virus Petya raged, only received $ 9,000 ransom

The new cable “Petya” swept the whole of Europe yesterday and quickly spread to the world. But so far, hackers only received 7064 pounds (about $ 9,000) ransom. On Tuesday, a new type of highly contagious computer blackmail virus “Petya” broke out in Europe and the United States, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, France, Italy, Britain, Germany and the United States have suffered from the virus infection.

As with the “WannaCry” blackmail virus that broke out last month, “Petya” also took the ransom, which hackers used to encrypt the user’s files with malicious software, and then asked the victim to pay the bit currency. After that, the hacker will provide the victim with the key to decrypt the file.

So far, hackers who launched the “Petya” attack received a ransom of £ 7064 ($ 9,000). In view of its huge size of the attack, the ransom is not much, is expected to only about 36 pen to pay the transaction. This is the same as last month’s “WannaCry”, the latter by the amount of ransom is not a lot.blackmail virus Petya

Wrongly, although someone paid the ransom, but they were not lucky. After the ransom has been paid, the victim is still unable to decrypt the document. For the last month’s “WannaCry” extortion virus, the same occurred in a similar event.

This time, the hacker asked the “Petya” victim to pay the ransom to the same bit currency wallet, and then sent an email to to confirm the payment was successful before the successful issue of the unlock key. But now, hackers use the e-mail account has been e-mail service provider Posteo company blocked, hackers have been unable to see the victim sent a confirmation e-mail and send unlock key.

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