The US Supreme Court ruled that “six nationals of Muslims” were forbidden to enter the United States for 90 days.The US Supreme Court overturned the ruling of the lower court, unanimously through the President Trump’s “Muslim Ban” part of the entry into force, 90 days to prohibit the six Muslim countries into the United States. Trump said it was a national security victory. “As president, I can not allow people who want to hurt Americans.”

Trump signed the first immigration ban in January, requiring a temporary ban on US refugees, as well as Iran, Sudan, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Yemen and Iraqi citizens, for 90 days but frozen by the Federal District Court.

Muslim Ban

▲ Trump appeals to the Federal Supreme Court, calling for the restoration of “Muslim Ban”. Trump said it was a national security victory.

In March of this year, Trump signed a new immigration ban, the removal of Iraq, but also to remove the indefinite suspension of Syrian refugees, but has been frozen by the Federal District Court and the Circuit Court of Appeals; Trump earlier this month to the Federal Supreme Court appeal , Asking for the restoration of the “Muslim Ban” that he had previously proposed.

US Supreme Court nine defendants to overturn the original decision, Monday ruled that the “Muslim Ban” part of the entry into force, the prohibition of six Muslim countries national entry, but with the United States has not connected to this; have been connected, including those who have been employed in the United States Employers, have been enrolled in American schools, and have loved ones living in the United States. The Supreme Court said that in October this year will be a formal trial of Muslim Ban is legal.

In this regard, Trump issued a statement through the White House, “today’s Supreme Court’s unanimous ruling is the result of our national security victory, as president, I can not allow people who want to hurt Americans into the country” he said, “Today The decision allowed me to use an important tool to protect the land, and I was also happy with the Supreme Court’s result of 9 to 0. “Trump has said that once the Supreme Court approves, Muslim Ban can take effect in 72 hours.

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