The U.S. military has developed a low-cost hypersonic aircraft, the xs-1

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The "stars and stripes website on May 28, entitled" forget the supersonic: hypersonic is a new speed of American "reported that the future of military advantage will fly depends in part on how quickly, and can go into space at the speed of how fast. This is one of the guiding principles of a high-level pentagon project. The project aims to build a spacecraft that can deliver smaller payloads into near-earth orbit at a lower cost in a short period of time.
Recently, Boeing called the xs-1, a "ghost express", approved by the defense advanced research projects agency (DARPA). The xs-1 is intended to bring a 3, 000-pound (1 pound, 0.45kg) satellite into orbit at a cost of less than $5 million. It fired from the ground, the release of a small "top level" component, to return to earth like traditional plane - this is the key to repeated use and lower operation cost. The agency also has another project aimed at using conventional aircraft to launch a 100-pound satellite into space with a launch cost of less than $1 million.

The U.S. military has developed a low-cost hypersonic aircraft, the xs-1
Jesse, the project manager of the DARPA boehner Boolean on May 24, said in a statement: "the XS - 1 is not a traditional aircraft, or is not a conventional launch vehicle, and more like a combination of both, and its goal is to put the 1/10 launch costs have fallen to the present," increases with the increasing need to send to replace the current depressing long waiting time."
"When you think about hypersonic aircraft, most people think they must be huge, expensive and bizarre," he said.
XS - 1 will use the jet engines - rocket power companies in the United States AR - 22 engine, this is NASA (NASA) space shuttle main engine used by the new version. Boeing will design and develop the space shuttle, which will conduct 10 days of 10-day engine ground ignition tests by 2019 and 12 to 15 flight tests by 2020.
The xs-1 is also thought to be a means of promoting hypersonic aircraft design. Mach is refers to the sound travels at sea level (1 Mach about 1224 kilometers per hour), and speed of hypersonic flight vehicle is usually Mach Mach 5 to 10. In the past, such designs have been questioned for the enormous friction and heat generated by hypersonic speed.