The president of the United States in June 1st announced its withdrawal from the Trump with other countries to fight global warming climate “Paris agreement”, he said publicly over the years do not believe that climate change, claim everything is China fake scam, denounced as “expensive” scam. However, the US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley accept the “CNN” interview categorically said, Trump believe that the climate is changing, that the exhaust emission is one of the causes of pollution, but how to deal with climate change the decision by the United States themselves. Hayley is eager to defend their master, however, but Trump did not pay attention to Nikki Haley media, said in April that she “can easily be replaced” (She can easily be replaced).

Donald Trump makes a face at his caucus night rally in Des Moines. REUTERS/Scott Morgan

Trump after being severely criticized from the agreement, his team turns into primary care, Nikki Haley said: “the rest of the world wants to tell us how to deal with climate change, but we want to say is, we will deal with, but according to their own ways to deal with. Nikki Haley also said Trump are planning how to deal with the problem of climate change from the “Paris climate agreement” does not mean that the United States don’t care, but because of the provisions of the loss of American industrial competitiveness.
We have to say Hai Li Trump disrespectful words.
Scott Pruitt, the director of environmental protection, said in June 2nd that the Paris climate agreement was a “failed negotiation” at the beginning. “When we joined the Paris agreement, the whole world was clapping. Do you know why?” I think they applaud because they know it’s going to make the U. S. A disadvantage. ”
The United States vice president (Mike Pence) said staying in the Paris climate agreement would be costly for the United States’ economic growth and the labor class. The U.S. workforce is equivalent to Trump political base, so analysts believe that Trump exit this agreement, is to make the so-called “forgotten American” priority in Trump, many supporters believe that this decision is not wrong, think we should quit this drag on the U.S. financial plan, praised the Trump achieve campaign promises.
Trump other staff will keep from talking about Trump whether to believe in global warming, the White House spokesman Sean Spicer) said: “I haven’t had a chance to discuss the problem” with the president; assistant to the president and consultant Kellyanne Conway said “you’ll have to ask him.”.

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