“The Walking Dead” 2018 to release VR games

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Robert Rokman and Dave Alpert's Skybound Entertainment have reached an agreement with Skydance Interactive to develop the "The Walking Dead" (The Walking Dead) virtual reality (VR) game on Wednesday, The two companies made the statement at the E3 Entertainment Show in Los Angeles.

The first game is expected to be released in 2018. "Our goal is to provide some great things," said Dan Murray, president of Skybound Interactive, in an interview with Van Cleantry magazine this week.

About Skybound Developed the "The Walking Dead" VR version of the first appeared in April this year, "Vanity Fair" magazine.

Murray said that for some time, Skybound has been seeking to enter the field of virtual reality. "We have been very patient," he said, "waiting for the media to develop in order to find the right opportunity to intervene." Eventually, his team decided to interact with Skydance because the latter's vision for this product is in line with his expectations. "They are creative about it," Murray said.

"The Walking Dead is the perfect IP," said Peter Akeman, president of Skydance.

There is no platform yet to launch the game, but Peter Akeman said the sales target points to all existing high-end systems, which may include Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR. "We are eager to interactive virtual reality," he said.

Murray and Aikman both read the article about reputable VR headsets and despite the lagging sales of the headsets, Aikman is optimistic about the evolution of VR. "We have seen a strong business interest this year," he said. "What we are seeing is encouraging," especially Sony's PlayStation VR sold more than a million units. "Sony's platform has changed the rules of the game," Peter Akeman