The world’s strongest aircraft carrier “Ford” aircraft carrier CVN- 78 on July 22 official service

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According to the Maritime Power website reported that the US Atlantic Fleet Air Force Command spokesman on June 20 in the e-mail revealed that the US Navy's new generation of "Ford" aircraft carrier service will be held on July 22 at the US Navy Norfolk Naval Base The "Ford" No. "Gerald R. Ford" aircraft carrier, the port number CVN-78, is the new generation of US aircraft carrier Ford's first ship, started construction in 2009, 2013 launched, April 8 this year Start the sea test.


June 20, "Defense News" has reported that the United States Subcommittee on Sea Power and Projection in the 2018 defense authorization bill revealed, or cancel the "Ford" in the service before the plan to carry out the whole ship impact test to speed up "Ford" aircraft carrier deployment process.

The world's strongest aircraft carrier

The "Ultimate Shock Test", also known as the "Combat Damage Test" (BDT), is designed to test whether a warship can withstand the impact of shock waves on the hull. According to the US Navy regulations, all large combat ships in service before they have to accept the test, the aircraft carrier is no exception. "Ford" aircraft carrier impact test is really will be canceled, but also need to further observation. The picture shows "Roosevelt" aircraft carrier for BDT test.



In addition, according to the nextbigfuture website reported on the 21st, the US House of Representatives Military Committee in the submission of the 2018 military budget, said it would speed up the construction of the aircraft carrier speed, or by the current 5 years to build a speed or will be raised to 3 years 1 Ship. In the total number of aircraft carrier fleet will increase to 12, which is consistent with President Trump said in March this year to expand the US aircraft carrier formation position. The picture shows the construction of the "Ford".

The world's strongest aircraft carrier

If the 2018 military budget can be "realized", then the US Navy in the future will increase the number of aircraft carriers. With the expansion of the aircraft carrier, with the supporting "Aegis" destroyers, attack submarines, amphibious assault ships, large supply ships, aircraft carriers and a series of aircraft equipment have to "increase" production, the United States at sea Status will also be strengthened again.


According to a report released by the US Congressional Research Council (CRS), the US Navy has made plans for the construction of four Ford-class aircraft carriers, including the Ford. In addition to the "Ford" aircraft carrier near the service, the Ford-class aircraft carrier CVN-79 has started construction, CVN-80 is also scheduled to start in 2018 to start the formal procurement process, the four aircraft carrier in the last CVN-81 will Started construction in 2023. However, according to the current situation, this has been far from being able to meet the ambitions of the US military.


The world's strongest aircraft carrier

Construction of the "Ford" aircraft carrier and is being dismantled "enterprise" aircraft carrier. "Enterprise" is the history of the first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, and "Ford" is also a lot of new technologies with a new generation of aircraft carrier for the mountains, the two types of aircraft carrier contrast is sigh.



Began to "old and new" US aircraft carrier, whether from the number or monomer combat effectiveness is still maintained the world's strongest level. This photo taken at the US Norfolk Naval Base in 2012, also illustrates the fact that there are five amphibious assault ships and other ships in addition to five aircraft carriers.


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