To Trump “bravery tribute” of Israel football teams name “Trump team”

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Israel has always been the president of the United States Trump "biggest fan", even the memorial to Trump contribution to Israel, in addition to the U.S. Embassy moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and even the best football team was also so the Trump name to name.

According to CNN reports, on the day of the opening of the new embassy, a leading Israeli football team "Jerusalem" (Beitar Jerusalem FC) beta announced in the fan page, renamed the "beta Trump Jerusalem" (Beitar Trump Jerusalem.), to pay tribute to Trump bravery.

To Trump

Mentioned football fan page statement, 70 years Jerusalem has been waiting for international recognition, until Trump act boldly to admit that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel's "eternal", Trump his courage and love, to the people of Israel and their capital.

According to satellite news agency, "Jerusalem beta" is famous for its many times winning the Israeli Super League champions and its fans' violent character. The club expressed its appreciation for Trump's decision to violate international public opinion and recognize Jerusalem as the "permanent capital of Israel".

"We the president of the United States Trump head on Israel commemorative coins. (photo / taken from the "Mikdash" website of the non-profit educational organization)

To Trump
In addition, there are non-profit organization "Mikdash" before the date of Israel announced that Israel will issue 70th anniversary independent commemorative coins, and printed on the president of the United States Trump avatar, to thank him for the U.S. ambassador to the embassy to Jerusalem.

Whether there is such a big dispute between Jerusalem and the capital of Israel is the reason that the Israeli occupied East Jerusalem, including the important historical sites of the three major religions of Islam, Christianity and Judaism, has been expected to be the capital of the country after the founding of the people's Republic of Palestine. The protesting of the "days of Wrath" launched by the lestran people caused bloody conflicts. So far, at least ten Palestinians have been killed and dozens injured.

Most of the countries in the world still believe that the status of Jerusalem is a key point in the Middle East conflict and should be settled on the basis of consultations between Israelis and Palestinians.