Toshiba sells NAND business to Bain Capital, INCJ, SK Hynix, US-Japan-Korea alliance

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With the official announcement of the initial results of Toshiba, continued for nearly six months of the NAND business sale gradually draw a full stop, Bain Capital, INCJ, SK Hynix formed the US-Japan-South Korea Union won, had been optimistic about the Broadcom / Silver Lake Capital has Exit, Taiwan Hon Hai, the United States Western Digital on the results of Toshiba Buyiburao, Terry Gou even directed at the bidding process has a shady, but I am afraid it is difficult to change the results. Why Toshiba would like to carry a black box operation of the infamy also choose SK Hynix rather than Hon Hai, Western Digital? Toshiba chairman chose SK Hynix because it will not lead to Toshiba technology leak, but his position was questioned by the media, because three years ago SK Hynix also because of technical theft problems and compensation for Toshiba.

TOSHIBA sells NAND flash memory business at the beginning is not a simple business behavior, because Toshiba is the world's second largest NAND flash memory business, and is the inventor of NAND technology, often see the news players may also note that Toshiba's route in the NAND flash Different, they use the BiCS (Bit Cost Scaling) technology, emphasizing that with the NAND scale and reduce costs, claiming that in all 3D NAND flash memory BiCS technology, the lowest flash memory core area, also means lower cost.

Taking into account the significance of advanced technology, Toshiba sold NAND business also let the Japanese government is very concerned about, so Toshiba sell NAND business potential conditions is that any may lead to the acquisition of advanced technology in Japan are unlikely to be approved. In fact, this issue has long been clear, Toshiba Chairman Gang Chuanzhi weekend in the media conference also open the choice of SK Hynix company reason - SK Hynix company promised to only provide funds, do not seek to have the right to vote, so will not participate in intervention in Toshiba The company is operating, so Toshiba believes they can prevent the outflow of technology.Toshiba sells NAND business to Bain Capital, INCJ, SK Hynix, US-Japan-Korea alliance

But is SK Hynix really interested in Toshiba NAND? Toshiba chairman's position was questioned by the Nikkei news, the reason is that in 2014, Toshiba, SK Hynix company had a business theft dispute. In 2008, a Toshiba 52-year-old engineer secretly copied the confidential NAND information, and then quit to SK Hynix company, the information to SK Hynix and then left SK Hynix company. Toshiba subsequently launched an allegation and sued SK Hynix in March of that year, claiming hundreds of billions of dollars.

Eventually Toshiba and SK Hynix company reached a settlement, SK Hynix company compensation for Toshiba 33 billion yen.

There is a lesson, Toshiba's position is really easy to be questioned. In fact, Toshiba chose SK Hynix is ​​indeed questioned, the two companies would have a competitive relationship, if Toshiba worried about the outflow of technology, then Broadcom / Silver Lake Capital is no problem, and high complementarity.

If there is no major change, Toshiba is expected at the end of this month and the United States and Japan and South Korea signed a contract to formally determine the sale of the agreement. But out of Toshiba, Western Digital has not given up, still fighting for the last chance.