Trump on the network to launch “real news”, broadcaster is his daughter Lara Trump

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Do you know that Trump has changed the number of White House directors in charge of public relations affairs in the past six months? The answer is three. The first was Mike Dubke, who began his appointment after taking Trump, and resigned in May. The second term was that Sean Spitzer, who had been in the midst of the inauguration of the Trump, had just left on July 21, resigning on the grounds that he opposed President Trump's appointment of the New York financier Anthony Scalamucci As the White House new communications director.

As for the third Scarl Muchi, took the day before just shouting four times, "I love the president" on the news, did not expect 10 days later, was opened by Trump. Out of Scala Muchi is the newly appointed White House chief of staff, the Secretary for Homeland Security John Kelly. And Kerry's predecessor, Reince Priebus, who had been told by the "New Yorker" interview, said a lot of bad words and swearing. Kelly felt that the colleague was ill, so he smashed Scarlumu's big mouth.

Around such a big circle, is it a bit dizzy? It is estimated that Trump himself is also. So, now it seems that he can only believe that their own people. Why do you say that? Look at the news.

On Sunday, Trump announced on his Facebook page that they would start a "real news" program by his daughter-in-law Lara Trump as moderator, who shares the latest news of the president every week.

Trump on the network to launch

"I bet you have not heard of all the achievements of the president in this week because the media is filled with too many false news." The first appearance when Lara said.

What is the news of media coverage? Google's words, probably Trump donated his salary in Wisconsin built a new Foxconn manufacturing plant to promote economic growth. They also reported that the White House personnel appointment and removal of the "civil unrest", the Republican Party in the replacement of Obama's medical difficulties, and Trump called to prohibit transgender people into the military service.

However, these contents are not mentioned in the report of Lara.

She said that the US president met with veterans in Ohio last week and thanked them for serving the United States. At the same time, the vice president visited the Walter Reed Hospital and sat down and talked to many of the wounded soldiers about their lives.

Trump is really trying to promote his homemade news program. He says his supporters no longer have to go to the news show because they can find him directly on the social media. "Only fake news media and Trump 's enemies will ask me to stop using social media." I'll have the truth here.