Trump to the leaders of mobile phone number: something directly hit my cell phone

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U. S. officials say President Trump has been sending out his mobile phone number to world leaders and urged them to call his cell phone directly.
The The Associated Press report said it was an unusual invitation, breaking diplomatic etiquette and raising concerns about its communications safety and secrecy.
Former and current officials familiar with the operation said Trump had urged Canada and Mexico leaders to call his mobile phone, and only two of the Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau had taken advantage of the invitation.
According to a French official said earlier this month, Ma kelom was elected president of France, Trump and MA in its call cron exchange of mobile phone numbers. But the official refused to disclose the horse is ready to use this medicine "hotline".
All the officials who reported the information were asked to remain anonymous because they had not been authorized to disclose the talks. Neither the white house nor Canada's prime minister, Trudeau, responded.

Trump to the leaders of mobile phone number: something directly hit my cell phone
Reported that, in such a modern, mobile world, through the dialogue between the leaders of the mobile phone does not seem strange, but in the diplomatic field, between the leaders call is a highly coordinated and orchestrated affairs. Reported that this is another violation of foreign etiquette, indicating that the president does not trust official channels.
According to reports, the president of the United States generally use call installed in the White House Situation Room, the Oval Office or the presidential limousine safety on the line. Security experts say that even if Trump uses the government's mobile phones, his calls can also be tapped, especially by foreign governments.
A former US State Department political and military affairs assistant legal adviser Ashley Dicks (Ashley Deeks) said: "if you are a horse cron or any country leaders, the president of the United States mobile phone number, it is reasonable to assume that they will give him the information directly to the number of institutions have."
The White House has reportedly failed to respond to Trump's unofficial calls to world leaders.
White House communications office director Mike Dabuch 30, said that for personal reasons, he will resign from his present post. At this time, it was only three months before President Trump appointed him. Dubuc, a veteran Republican strategist, was appointed White House press director in March of this year in. On the 18 of this month, he expressed his desire to resign.