Two or three things in Holland: Tall, tough Dutch woman

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If French women are elegant, Italian women, Dutch women, I can only say that they grow very high.


The Netherlands is the country with the highest average height in the world. Men average height is 1.83m, women on average 1.7m, the streets often sway over the 2m boys and nearly 1.85m girls. Spectators are able to make their own small-brained scenes of the Lord in a group of giants. Please refrain from laughing.


In addition to being tall, Dutch women have no feminine taste. They are sloppy and don't dress up. They do not like to wear high heels, the choice of shoes do not require taste, as long as comfortable. In Holland, any Asian woman can easily be eyes if she dresses a little. They all New Goma, plus everything has an idea, want to capture their hearts, must have 10,000 points of confidence to dare to come forward?


It is the Dutch woman's toughness that matches its height. Most families in Holland are women, regardless of whether women are high-ranking officials, ordinary workers or housewives, women are the head of the family. Men who do not respect women are thought to be uneducated.

Two or three things in Holland: Tall, tough Dutch woman

I remember when I first came to Holland, I planned to invite a friend to dinner one day. He said: "I have to ask Angel first." "Angel is the date he just dated. Come to eat a meal also want to ask the girlfriend's consent first, be tube to this Part I was also surprised. Then I talked to my friend about it and didn't want him to disagree: "That's good." Be sure to respect the advice of your companion. If the company is having dinner, I will ask my partner's opinion first, in case she has other arrangements? ”


Respect for women is really embodied in all aspects of family life. At a small private party, he had seen the boss of a company in the home by his girlfriend to order, a while to change diapers for little daughter, a while to coax wrestling crying son, a while to cook, and finally to be responsible for packing the dishes. And his girlfriend is a glass of wine, happy to shake the East West sway, chatting with guests. This is not a case, but a normal situation.


Domestic again how big women of that class of women, such as myself, came to Holland, absolutely still have to obediently be classed as water tenderness, bird, gentle virtuous that category. Who says the strong man is weak? Here, the female gas field is stronger.


Dutch women in the workplace also have a strong face. No one will lower your requirements because you are a woman, and if the company is treated differently because you are a woman, you can sue it if you like. If you feel too busy, especially after mom, you can apply for a part-time job, one weeks only 3-4 days, or even 2 days. You can be a good mother at home, but you still have to show your professional side at work. No one will automatically reduce your expectations of your job performance because you are a mother.


Compared with the Dutch male colleagues, female colleagues are noticeably more and more unconstrained. They walked up the road to the rush, happy to laugh, the voice is so big, what lady demeanor can say? Angry, red face patted table with you theory. Fortunately, most of their arguments at work are not human, and when the theory is over, it will not hurt.


The previous company had an Asian girl, who had just graduated with a little guts and was often told by her head of Asia, but never said a word. The Dutch colleague couldn't see it, and one day he came running to me and said, "I don't understand. I'm a Dutch woman. We speak for ourselves. When she said I was a Dutch woman, the expression was as proud as "I am a general."


Dutch women do not lose men in their work, and never pretend to be weak. They are self-confident, independent, courageous, and do not lose men at work, and sometimes even better. They got into the hall and got into the kitchen. Work a day, back to the home to run a lot of things, open the party also repaired the toilet, each race over real man. Only when the mother, their body will be soft. Only when mom is also a strong nature, see those mothers often a people with three or four children also very relaxed appearance, and then see the domestic three or four people with a child still their embarrassment, not to defy.


A mother with 3 kids is common in Holland

Two or three things in Holland: Tall, tough Dutch woman

The Dutch woman's toughness is not falling from the sky. One of the first countries to have a feminist movement, the first women's scientific community (Scientific Society) was founded in 1785 in the southern part of the Netherlands, a city called Middleberg.


Dutch women have never stopped on the road to equality. In the past, Dutch women have also been the dominant son. They have only gradually changed their previous practice of abandoning their jobs as a family since the beginning of the 60. Until women are so strong today, they are still complaining about inequality between men and women, and the unequal remuneration of men to their peers. Women's voices can not be ignored, from the Netherlands has a lot of protection of women's rights in the NGO can be seen. I think they will never give up this kind of enterprising consciousness.


They also want to find a good job like men. Just this so-called "good job" does not necessarily mean that money earns much, but "interesting." They respect their social values and only enjoy doing the interesting work. The job can be a waitress, a baker, a flower-arranging artist, a work-worker, or a painter.


My good friend Patty, who worked 3 days a week, and the rest of the 4 days she was so arranged: take a foreign language course, meet with friends a Times a week to drink coffee, spend a leisurely afternoon, practice yoga every day, draw pictures, every evening have enough time to accompany the children and husband, weekend and family together to garden or outing. Part-time jobs are relatively small, but she doesn't mind.


Like Patty, most Dutch women attach great importance to free time, and they all think that independence is more important than success. More than 60% of Dutch women do part-time jobs. In Canada, only 20% of women do part-time jobs.


Business is not the only world for Dutch women. It doesn't sound positive enough, and it seems to have wasted their high education. But in reality, they seem to be quietly resisting the values of the business model of the world in their own way of life. The equality they seek does not seem to be a life-and-death struggle with men in business, but a balance in family and work. This seems to be a new trend in feminism: the Meaning of life is not just the acquisition of more material possessions, rights and status. What Dutch women prefer to have is to stay sane, happy and relaxed. And they did prove their value orientation with action.


On the political front, the Queen of Dutch history has been in office longer than the male king, which is unique in the history of the world. The era of the Duchy of Burgundy before the Dutch state was formed in 16th century, the Netherlands has been ruled by three successive female governors, since 1890, the Netherlands has been ruled by three successive Queens, until 2013, the current King William Alexander before the throne, became the Netherlands since 1890, the first male monarch. I'm afraid this is the most used by women in the world.


Perhaps because Dutch women can make the most of everything, most women feel that life is full of meaning, and that they have a higher sense of identity than men. In 2014, 85% of the Dutch were generally satisfied with their current life, with only 3% of the Dutch saying they were not satisfied. This data has been relatively stable since 1997. According to a recent survey, 91% of women currently believe that existing life is meaningful, compared to 87% of the male population.


All things themselves, this is the need to start education from a young age to cultivate the consciousness. If the Dutch girls are very young to know that they will be in charge of the future, and then how, emboldened will be strong?


Dutch women are strong in all aspects, while in the business community "do not think Ahead", which has indeed attracted some voices of opposition. But they can according to their own ideas, freedom to choose how to live, every woman for their own lives, do not have to deliberately please who, there is better than this? Then think of the great Chinese women: to be able to get a foothold on the job outside, and to go home desperately to get a lot of home work done. In addition, there are a series of complex human relations and relationships that need to be maintained. Women are also seemingly very strong, but I dare not ask: "Do you feel satisfied with your current lifestyle?" ”