Microsoft has started to upgrade Windows Defender anti-virus software in the WIN10 system, and has aggressively against Microsoft’s Kaspersky this time by the U.S. government announced the removal of suppliers list, the biggest reason is that the United States is worried that the Russian Kremlin will invade the U.S. government’s security system.

The list of suppliers is related to the United States General Administration’s list of suppliers, which relates to information technology services and digital photographic equipment.


Kaspersky believes that he is the victim of geo-political events, the struggle between the two countries to Kaspersky as a tool.


In a statement of defence, the company noted that “Kaspersky Labs has nothing to do with any government, it has never helped, nor does it help any government in the world to engage in cyber espionage.”


A US spokesman, through Reuters, said the decision was “reviewed and carefully considered” and its main priority was “to ensure the integrity and security of the U.S. government system and network”.


After the U.S. government accused the Russian government of “collusion” with Donald Trump’s campaign, Kaspersky’s relationship with Russia made the U.S. government uneasy. The Russian government denies the accusations.

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