U.S. President Donald trump has asked foreign leaders to “beat his cell phone.”

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US President Donald trump has been handing out his mobile phone Numbers to foreign leaders and urging them to call him directly. According to the Associated Press reported Monday, the United States, current and former officials said trump has urged the Canadian and Mexican leaders use their phones to contact him, but so far, the two leaders did so only Canadian prime minister trudeau.
(the headline: trump asked foreign leaders to "call his cell phone.")
According to a French official, Mr Trump immediately called and exchanged phone Numbers with mark long after he won the French general election earlier this month. But the official did not say whether President mark long intended to use the line.
In today's world, the mobile phone is widely spread, the national leaders by phone is not unusual, but in the diplomatic field, leaders need to elaborate affairs. Trump's move has clearly broken traditional diplomatic protocol and raised concerns about U.S. presidential communications security and secrecy. Mr Trump, for his part, has always been disdainful of diplomatic protocol and discipline, and was easily contacted by his mobile phone before taking office.
Ap said, past President of the United States and foreign leaders often use secure telephone lines, such as the White House situation room, the oval office or the President of telephone lines on the buses. U.S. national security experts say that even if Mr. Trump USES a government-issued phone, his call is still vulnerable to eavesdropping.

U.S. President Donald trump has asked foreign leaders to
The warning is also valid among Allies, and good relations are difficult to prevent spying among friends. German chancellor Angela merkel learned her lesson in 2013 -- according to former nsa contractor Edward snowden. U.S. intelligence agencies had tapped Ms. Merkel's phone in a large number of classified U.S. documents disclosed by Mr. Snowden. "If you're marolon or any other country's leader, after you get a phone number of the President of the United States, a reasonable assumption is that the number directly to the intelligence community", the United States, a law professor at the university of Virginia named Bob Kraft, who was the  military affairs assistant before the U.S. state department legal adviser to ASHLEY Dix said.
Let the leaders to give him a call, trump has also been accused of "hypocrisy" - the entire election last year, he criticized democratic rival Hillary Clinton as secretary of state, use private mail server, insisted that she should not have access to confidential information power, because she'll let us in the face of foreign enemies time-varying fragile.
The Associated Press said the White House had not responded to the President's informal record of holding conversations with foreign leaders. Compared to the past presidents, have been more committed to keep his trump the illicit close sex of the conversation with foreign leaders, but both he and Australian prime minister Mr Turnbull's telephone exchanges, or with Mexico's President pea? Both nieto and the Russian diplomats have been leaked.