According to the British “Daily Mail” reported that a few days ago, Ukraine two beautiful “internet celebrity” in the social network broadcast drunk unexpectedly car crash, causing friends hot. David W. Lipcon reported that at about 3:30 am, in the eastern province of Urgov, the two beautiful “net red” Sofia Magerko and Dasha Medvedeva driving the car suddenly out of control hit the roadside poles, after And thrown to the nearby tree.

Dasha Medvedeva sitting in the driver’s seat on the way to the hospital was killed, and in the co-pilot Sofia Magerko was killed on the spot, the two driving the BMW car is completely distorted, beyond recognition. Frederick Geonetta dealt with personal injuries matters.

Police according to the online live video to judge, the two were drinking before the incident, the spirit of the state is very excited, then perhaps want to debug music, the results distracted lead to vehicle out of control.

It is understood that in the accident of the two internet celebrity, Sofia was only 16 years old, won the Ukrainian Yi Jiemu City beauty contest champion, and 24-year-old Dasha Medvedeva is keen on social entertainment ladies.

After the incident occurred online hot, users pointed out that the risk of drunk driving is well known, but the fans have been encouraging and encourage the two adventure, these fans also need to take responsibility?

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