Away from the city’s countryside, secluded plant, pushed the factory gate but found the body as pork generally suspended in the ceiling, is sold by part or weight, this picture is not appear in the movie, but the real occurrence in the United States Michigan Detroit Of the scene.


Arthur & Elizabeth Rathburn, a couple who founded the factory, founded the “body factory” called International Biological Inc. since 2006.


They used scientific research excuses, from the Arizona and Illinois body donation laboratory acquisition of numerous corpses, and then the two personally battle, the body saw a piece of one, they stored in their Detroit rented warehouse The

They will be based on different prices to distinguish the different parts of the body, the first 500 US dollars, 750 US dollars arm, on the side of the factory freezer, a complete body worth 5,000 US dollars, there will be a separate cabinet to save, have the economy The strength of the buyer, or even one by one to choose the most desirable one with that

After the FBI survey found that they stored in the cold storage of the stump may come from more than 1000 different bodies, and they deal with these bodies when there is no any skills and disinfection measures at all.

With the industrial saws directly cut, the body will be directly stacked together, the abandoned body directly discarded, let him exudes a corrupt atmosphere.


In this couple, human and pork no difference, are clearly marked price to sell, but the body is sold to the various medical research institutions or black market.


The most sensational is that the couple not only so unscrupulous to sell the body, but also the medical institutions without the knowledge of the case, the disease was infected with the residual limbs rented to the institutions for medical experiments.

The two had given a head of hepatitis B patients to a school that was carrying out the “periodontal disease experimental course”, not only that they would also be infected with the stump of AIDS and hepatitis B patients To the American Association of Anesthesiologists, there is no one so infected is still unknown.


They still know that the corpse may carry a vicious virus, the body at a low price to those who are prepared to carry out scientific experiments of medical students, so that these students are at risk and do not know.

In addition, those who signed the body donation agreement of the parents do not know that their children or their loved ones have been cruel body corpses, become a tool for making money.

In fact, in the United States, the sale of human body stump is not illegal, but Rathburn couples without the consent of the body of the body without permission to cut the body, unauthorized use of the body for commercial use has violated the law.

And this behavior has always been common in the United States, after all, a body split retail, a variety of income can be as high as more than 80,000 US dollars, but the operation of such a large-scale “body factory” is also rare.


In fact, whether it is illegal corpse factory, or the collection of legitimate human organizations, this is a very cruel cold-blooded process, “We had to pull the body’s bones hard pull out in order to pull out the arm or pull out the leg bone, we Cut tearing the chest, dug the heart, off the heart valve, from the skin stripped out of the vein, “a professional body tissue collectors said.


“But at the same time I am also proud of the tendons removed from a corpse, can be used to repair the cruciate ligament tear, veins can be used for cardiac bypass surgery, human bone grinding into powder paste, can be used as dental implants …. ”


In the United States, 100 million people have already signed a body donation agreement when they get a driver’s license. Each year, 500,000 people benefit. “Donate you to the organization you no longer need, you not only help others, a part of your body, still alive in some way.”

It was a very selfless matter, and Rathburn couple’s behavior, but let many people had a concern, no longer willing to donate their own body, resulting in a very bad influence, after all, wanted to do a good thing, but was so Insult, everyone will hesitate.


Rathburn couples are in charge of their own innocence, and their cases are further trial, if convicted, they will face more than 20 years imprisonment.


The body donation itself is a selfless and noble behavior, but the behavior of Rathburn couples no doubt the body to donate this matter and cast a shadow, hope that this behavior as soon as possible to get the law should be punished, so that The appalling event is no longer repeated!

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