United States held Gay Pride Parade activities, people gathered in the White House

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Many cities in the United States held the Gay Pride Parade event on the 11th, with more than 100 scenes across the United States. Among them, more than 100,000 people attended the parade in California, the event in this year specifically renamed Resist March, in order to appeal for equality and respect, protest against President Chuan Pu ignored LGBT groups. In addition, Washington also has tens of thousands of people around 35 degrees Celsius high temperature gathered in the White House square, although Chuan Pu last weekend is not in the White House, people still holding a poster and flag loudly protest, but also through the network community in series response, Your hatred will not crush us. "

LGBT is an abbreviation for English Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual) and Transgender. Former President Barack Obama in power, the US Supreme Court ruled the legalization of same-sex marriage in the United States, the White House will be June as "comrades proud month", but Chuanpu came to power after, have not announced June as comrades proud month, The Many people shouted "impeachment" before the White House, "he is not my president," expressing dissatisfaction with the government and worrying about the prospects of the LGBT community.

▼ Chuan Pu came to power after, has not yet announced in June as "comrades proud month", causing public outrage.

United States held Gay Pride Parade activities, people gathered in the White House

This is a peace process for the unity and pride, in addition to Washington, other cities include New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Boston and Honolulu. The people who participated in the procession also appealed to the unfair treatment of sex, color, religion, race, bodily and immigration. Although this year's protest elements are mostly, but the atmosphere of the procession is still happy, some people make up the band all the way performances, but also produced many ingenuity of posters and props, so that the whole procession full of carnival atmosphere.

The leaders of the parade expressed their dissatisfaction with the general government, including the provision of transgender students to use the toilet and dressing room in accordance with their own choice, and was withdrawn after Chuan Su took office. They also said that although Trump claimed to support LGBT groups, the selected officials were well-known anti-officials, including Vice President Pans, Jeff Sessions, and Minister of Health and Public Services Tom Price)