US companies apply to the Malaysian government to search for MH370: do not find no charge

According to Reuters August 2 reported that the Malaysian failed flight MH370 passenger families said that a US submarine exploration company will participate in the MH370 search work. US submarine exploration company Ocean Infinity2 said, will begin to search for MH370 flights. One of the families of passengers on the lost flight, Malaysian lawyer Grace Nathan told Reuters, Ocean Infinity proposed to resume a free search service, saying that only in the case of lost aircraft was found to request compensation.


Deputy Minister of Transport of Malaysia Aziz Kaprawi told Reuters that the authorities had received an application from the US company but had not yet decided whether to accept the application.

A spokeswoman for Ocean Infinity declined to comment. According to the company’s official website, it has the world’s most advanced independent underwater vehicle, can be used for submarine mapping, survey and search.

In 2016, the Australian and Malaysian authorities, who searched the MH370, rejected investigators to extend the search to a range of 25,000 km2 to the south of the South Indian Ocean, indicating that the new search was too inaccurate.


However, the recent investigation by the Australian investigators on the area of ​​narrowing the search to a range of 25,000 square kilometers has been rigorously simulated and retried, according to Voice 370, a solidarity group of MH370 passengers.

Previously, it was reported that the MH370 failed passengers had searched for their own funds in March this year, but allegedly suspended the plan, and they hoped that the Malaysian government would respond positively to US companies’ proposals.

In March 2014, the MAS flight was lost from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, with 239 passengers on board. Since then, China, Malaysia, Australia, the three countries on the South Indian Ocean 120,000 square kilometers of the scope of the cost of high search. In January this year, Australia, Malaysia and China issued a joint statement saying the search was stopped.

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