These two days CWCTV has been concerned about the US military soldiers in Japan with “GEISHASLAYER” account upload and land self-defense warrior Yoshimi flap film, was the Japanese website “Detective File” phase to see the relevant reports, we can go Look at the relevant reports, if you understand the words of Japanese, do not understand to see CWCTV first-hand message, since the Japanese website “Detective File” reported in Japan after the US indecent video incident, so that the investigation of the indecent And the film crazy pass on the network, of course, the network of Japan and the United States, in the Chinese network we do not know how to see online “GEISHASLAYER” related video, in addition, there are many users have also through the universal network search To CWCTV here, CWCTV together to pay attention to this matter, and will be scientific Internet, “GEISHASLAYER” related information or some, then first talk about the US military soldiers in Japan and the Japanese land self-defense team women and women indecent video male and female in the end who is it? The Where is the video? Although CWCTV does not provide the relevant indecent video to everyone to watch, but still know the method,

Here CWCTV have to admire the power of the network, the original US ambassador in Japan and the Japanese Self-Defense Force is not only the relationship between husband and wife, of course, now divorced, and this stationed in the US military bald soldiers and the Chinese name is called friends Of the Japanese female soldiers divorced, the Friends of the Japanese name is called Yoshimi, shallow see friends is the Japanese land self-defense sergeant, see the Friends of the station in Okinawa, Japan, and Japanese troops in the United States not only with the “GEISHASLAYER” account upload and (Yoshimi) indecent video, but also with a number of Japanese women had sexual relations, such as the United States like the husband of the wife of the Japanese wife of the wild peach, Okinawa, Japan, South Star Chinese and English teachers where the mother Jincheng Liangmei , And also upload and the relationship between these women indecent video.

In fact, there is no sexual relations, the most critical is the US soldiers with “GEISHASLAYER” and other accounts to these indecent video and pictures are sent to the network up, and the use of the “GEISHASLAYER” this account, we all know ” GEISHASLAYER “What does it mean? “GEISHASLAYER” means should be separated to see, the correct English is “GEISHA SLAYER”, the English means geisha killer, the Japanese geisha is notorious, and in the comments in the video of the Japanese woman Known as prostitutes, the Japanese military soldier in Japan, the head of God called “GEISHASLAYER” – prostitutes killer, which erupted Japanese friends are crazy, and even the US military incident in Japan may affect the relationship between the United States and Japan.
Then we would like to know where CWCTV know the information from it, in fact, the US military soldiers in the United States on the xHamster website to “GEISHASLAYER” account upload video, video is 10,20 days ago were uploaded, More than a dozen video, and “GEISHASLAYER” June 5 is still reply to the comments of users, but now “GEISHASLAYER” account status is retired, meaning retirement, that is already deleted their account, but the focus ,GEISHASLAYER

“GEISHASLAYER” upload video has not been deleted, even still, reply to the comments are still, we can go to visit xHamster visit.GEISHASLAYER

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The following is the “GEISHASLAYER” US military soldiers in the United States in the reply to friends comments (Google translation, probably look at it):
US military soldiers in Japan and Okinawa female officer Yoshimi shallow friend was a husband and wife, video information Daquan

Do you know that there is a regenerative hero? Okay, Yoshimi is a “super prostitute” no matter how hard you try, fucking her ass, how big are your guys, how many people are running on her train! Her ass regenerated! Every time fucking her in her ass like again and again to pop her ass cherry!

Yoshimi was my ex-wife, and when she graduated from Highschool she met her, and I was the first man she ever had. We get together to get the film. Yes i pop up her ass cherry

Well, it took me some time to get to this point, there are many hours, video and patience!

I believe you can train a good girl to be a good prostitute, let her way! Teacher you want her deep suck your cock, you will deep penetration of her ass. Time and patience!

So she did it! I took her to the military base once a month, so she was a lot of marines away. She gained a lot of experience, little eggs and huge cock.

correct! When I recorded this video, I was stopping her, she was a “trained prostitute”, she was very unconventional to say that she would speak, or complain about sucking the cock too long before the camera. So every few days I will make a video, I am very hard. (These videos will be password protected and I will only provide the password to the selected person!)

I have a few already made, but still have a lot of material to load on this site.GEISHASLAYER

I have finished in some of her videos and will soon load them. Thank you for seeing! enjoy.

In fact, there are many reply to the comments, the above is only part of the CWCTV reply from the above comments to see:

The first man in Yoshimi (Yoshimi) is the exorcist of the bald brother, who has been divorced, and when Yoshimi has graduated from college, Met, Yoshimi (shallow see friends) has been repeatedly been bald brother “GEISHASLAYER” to the Okinawa US military base and other Marine Corps soldiers flap. And in the title and description of the indecent video, the Japanese military soldier bald brother “GEISHASLAYER” repeatedly called Yoshimi (shallow see friends) for Okinawa prostitutes, this Japanese woman really poor

In addition, according to the Japanese friends human flesh stationed in the US military soldiers bald brother “GEISHASLAYER”, Yoshimi (shallow see friends) is the Japanese land self-defense Okinawa base female officer, because the Japanese Self-Defense Force is no soldiers, only officers, Yoshimi (shallow see friends) Is a sergeant. In addition to Yoshimi, there are also sexual relations with many Japanese women, such as the husband of the wild wild peach, Okinawa, Japan, South Star high school English teacher Jincheng good, and also uploaded the And the relationship between these Japanese women indecent video.

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