US President Donald trump has announced his withdrawal from the Paris agreement on climate change

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On June 1, 2017, U.S. President Donald trump announced in the White House rose garden that the United States would pull out of the Paris agreement on climate change.
U.S. President Donald trump announced his withdrawal from the Paris agreement at 3:36 p.m. Washington time (Wednesday, June 2, 2010). On the technical side, however, the exit from the Paris agreement is not something that can be done in the White House. To get out of the Paris deal, at least three years later, Mr Trump may have to win a second term.
Article 28 of the Paris agreement stipulates the withdrawal conditions of the contracting parties:
The parties may withdraw from this agreement at any time to the depository at any time, three years from the date of the effective date of a contracting party.
Any such withdrawal shall come into force upon the date of the receipt of the notice of withdrawal from the date of receipt of the notice of withdrawal, or of the later date which is stated in the withdrawal notice.
The withdrawal of any contracting parties to the convention (UNFCCC) should be seen as a departure from this agreement.
The Paris agreement to take effect on November 4, 2016, so the earliest can trump in November 2019 exit notice, the notice issued a year later, that is to say, the United States at the earliest to exit the Paris agreement by the end of 2020. At this point, Mr Trump's presidency is nearing an end, and the next President, whether Mr Trump himself, can back out. To sum up, Mr Trump may need to succeed in order to complete the process of leaving the Paris agreement.

US President Donald trump has announced his withdrawal from the Paris agreement on climate change
Of course, can also according to trump, under paragraph 3 of article 28 to exit the mother of the Paris agreement framework of the United Nations framework convention on climate change automatically exit. But he is not going to do so, as Mr Trump claims.
Mr Trump said the us would start negotiating new terms, possibly rejoining the Paris agreement and even forging new climate agreements. But the condition is that it must be "fair to America". Trump attacked the Paris agreement to developed countries each year to raise $100 billion to support the requirements of the developing countries, said the Paris agreement through green climate fund wealth transfer to other countries. To increase America's growth to 3-4%, America needs all forms of energy.
The United Nations framework convention on climate change has refused to let "renegotiation" trump request: the Paris agreement is signed by 194 countries and with the approval of the 147 countries historic treaty. Therefore, it cannot be renegotiated according to the unilateral request. He expressed regret for Mr Trump's decision and was ready to start a dialogue with the us.
But Mr Trump may have been unenthusiastic about so-called "renegotiation". "That's good," he said in a statement. "no, it's ok."
Notably, Mr Trump did not "kill" the Paris agreement. In 2001, when George w. bush announced his retirement from the Kyoto protocol, the Kyoto protocol, which has yet to reach effective conditions, while the United States declared a unilateral exit effect greatly slow down its progress. The Paris agreement took effect on November 4, 2016. The withdrawal of the United States will not affect the effectiveness of the Paris agreement in the other 200 states.
In addition to the Paris agreement itself, Mr Trump needs to face some domestic procedures. In order to circumvent the lengthy legislation process, Obama was to walk the shortcut, "accept" in the form of presidential executive order (accept, rather than ratify) of the Paris agreement. Deputy director of the national center for strategic and international cooperation on climate change, the Chinese people's university professor zou had an interview with surging news (, points out that this process also need to pay a big price.
First, the process of withdrawing an executive order from the former President could be prolonged.
Second, on the international front, the Paris agreement also sets a time threshold for the withdrawal, and parties will have to wait four years before exiting the agreement. "Even if the domestic formalities fulfilled and exit the program through the Paris agreement, even if he can also re-elected, there are two terms to do, wait until that time, almost also went to the United States' national independent contribution 'goal in 2025."
Third, if "maniac" trump, may be politically greatly restrict him as President of the administrative ability, image of American foreign and domestic low-carbon economy related interest groups, the federal state, in these areas, he is likely to be a heavy political cost.


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