US President Trump will withdraw from the “Paris agreement”?

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Climate change is one of the topics of discussion at the group of seven summit in Italy. However, as the US government held reservations, the G7 failed to agree on the Paris agreement to comply with global climate change. U. S. President Donald Trump said in his campaign that once elected, he would try to get America out of the Paris agreement. So far, the United States government has not the agreement to "knife". Trump said in his 27 article that he will decide on whether to support the Paris agreement next week.
Two days of the G7 summit in Italy on 26 Sicily town Taormina opening. The leaders of the United States, Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Canada and Japan attended the meeting.
German Prime Minister Angela Merkel 27, in reference to the summit of climate change discussion said that Trump did not have the United States on the issue of climate change clearly inform several other leaders, "the discussion on climate change is very difficult, not to mention satisfactory".
In addition to the United States, governments in Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Canada and Japan all pledged to abide by the Paris agreement during the summit. In this regard, Merkel said: "now the situation is 6:1."."

US President Trump will withdraw from the
Representatives of many countries attended the summit said that relates to the issue of climate change, the final declaration of the summit will point out: "except the United States, several other countries have promised to abide by the" Paris agreement ", while the United States is still considering its position."
In December 12, 2015, nearly 200 parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change agreed to the Paris agreement at the Paris climate change conference, which came into effect last November 4th.
Trump called climate change a "fraud" and threatened to withdraw from the Paris agreement during the campaign. So far, Trump has not yet fulfilled the promise, but his government has suggested that the United States should cut funding for several United Nations projects to tackle climate change. Trump also asked the United States Environmental Protection Agency "Rewriting" the reign of former president Barack Obama formulated to reduce carbon emissions "clean power plan", which is an important commitment to the government of the United States "Paris agreement" in the process of negotiation.
Earlier this month, the Trump administration sent representatives to attend the climate change conference held in Bonn, the meeting discussed how to implement the "Paris agreement".
The Trump attended the G7 summit of the White House National Economic Council director Gary Cohen 26, told reporters, in other countries, Trump has already told the leaders at the summit, he emphasized the importance of the environment, "his view is evolving, he came here to learn".
However, Cohen stressed that, whether or not to withdraw from the Paris agreement, Trump first considered the interests of the United states.
Trump, 27, made a statement by twitter that he will make a decision on the Paris agreement next week.
Greenpeace President Jennifer Morgan said in a statement that he hoped Trump would change his strategy on climate change at the twenty nation summit in Germany in July.
"Europe, Canada and Japan today stand again to demonstrate how inconsistent the pace of the United States and other countries is on climate change issues."
Morgan said that, no matter what the U.S. strategy, because of the support of other governments and industry, clean energy change has been unstoppable".