Now the Japanese network on the crazy mass of suspected US and Japanese soldiers sex video clips. Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Force a female member Yoshimi suspected of dealing with US military men in Japan, but was the other open a large number of bed and sex video, the US soldiers not only let the woman’s identity leaked, more ridiculed Yoshimi is a Japanese prostitute. And many Japanese Internet users did not sympathize with the woman’s experience, but the dissatisfaction with the US military in Japan to vent on her, denounced her is the US comfort women.
Japanese media “detective File” said, received the reader reported that online crazy pass these sex fragments. The news quoted the news that the batch of video in the autumn of 2016 outflow, and involved in the US military soldiers and female self-defense team met three years ago and exchanges. According to reports, the first time the relationship between the two men in the US military truck on the bed, and the whole video, after the occurrence of sexual relations also have to take pictures to save. There are also some photos of the woman wearing uniforms self-timer, wearing underwear photos, there are two photos with travel, although most of the photos were deleted after the time, but the Internet can find some photos.
Video is the beauty of their own use GEISHASLAYER account upload to the network, his GEISHASLAYER account not only announced the woman’s name and stationed, but also called her “Japanese prostitutes.” In addition, the two other photos are leaked out, including a photo together with the travel. Involved in the base of female soldiers stationed at present did not talk about the authenticity of the photo, only did not hear the news. There are Japanese Internet users on the incident cynical, saying that this is the United States and Japan alliance to strengthen the results; also the woman called the US comfort women. But also some people involved in the defense of female soldiers, said his personal love problems were used to the relationship between the United States and Japan.US soldiers with account GEISHASLAYER upload girlfriend Yoshimi sex video, said she was a Japanese prostitute

And stationed in Japan, the US military is also bad spot, frequently exposed scandal.

US soldiers with account GEISHASLAYER upload girlfriend Yoshimi sex video, said she was a Japanese prostitute
On April 28, 2016, US military clerk Kenneth Franklin Sinzato attacked Okinawa Prefecture on the way to the island of the island, and then dragged it into the roadside grass to attempt rape. Kenneth Franklin Sinzato grabbed the neck of the island bag and stabbed the knife, and eventually died. Japan’s Okinawa police subsequently arrested for alleged murder and rape.
For many years, US soldiers in Okinawa rape, violence and other events are common. In 1995, US soldiers in Okinawa raped the Japanese girl, in Japan triggered a large-scale demonstration against the US military base. In March 2016, a naval soldier in Okinawa’s US military base suspected of sexual abuse of a female visitor from Fukuoka, Japan, causing strong dissatisfaction with the people of Okinawa, asking the US military to leave Okinawa.

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