US Uber driver drove and woman to help him receive oral sex

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At present in the global popular Uber network bus in addition to convenience, the most famous feature is that everyone can register as a Uber driver, but the security is also questioned, the use of Uber car safety seems to be less security. A man named Aner Manuel in the United States has encountered a shocking thing, Uber a black driver while driving side of the indecent farce, so Aner Manuel dumbfounded, worried that they lost their lives.

According to the British "Daily Mail" reported, Aner Manuel on July 17 at 3 o'clock in the United States around Chicago Uber, in his car found that the first driver seat has a woman, at first he thought the driver's family would not agree. But never imagined, the woman began to Uber drivers up and down their hands, the two also kissed up, the most shocked by Aner Manuel, she also solved the driver's crotch for oral sex. At that time, Aner Manuel used the phone to record the process with a mobile phone.

Horrified uber passenger films driver receiving oral sex:

US Uber driver drove and woman to help him receive oral sex

Aner Manuel took a series of absurd actions and photographed to Uber's fan page. "I took a very bad experience with Uber, and even if I had passed the video to Uber, they gave me a response "I need to do something to express my dissatisfaction."

Media sources pointed out that Aner Manuel was not a Chicagoer, and when he had met these things, he was out of the way, and Aner Manuel said angrily. "It is clear that this woman is nibbling, Drunk, do not know what happened. "

Uber spokesman responded to the Daily Mail. "This is Uber's intolerable action, and Aner Manuel is also trying to get the driver out of the service driver after a message." Uber eventually returned to Aner Manuel fare, but also give him a discount of $ 10 as compensation.