USS Fitzgerald and Philippine Merchant Marine ACX Crystal collided with seven US soldiers killed

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US "Fitzgerald" Aegis destroyer June 17 and the Philippine merchant ship ACX Crystal collision, was severely damaged, and three people were injured, 7 missing. China Taiwan more than naval officers that should be a problem of US military discipline, which led to accidents. The latest news pointed out that the missing seven sailors all died.

It is understood that the "Fitzgerald" Aegis destroyer at around 2:30 on the 17th, in Yokosuka City, Japan, 56 miles southwest of the Philippine merchant ship ACX Crystal collision, killing three people were injured 7 dead. The destroyer's commander was also seriously injured in the accident, has now surrendered the command by the mate took over the command.

According to Taiwan media reports, China Taiwan naval fleet commander veteran Jiang Longan pointed out that the international traffic rules, all vessels on the navigation lights are "left red green" to see the color of the lamp will be able to know the direction of the ship, Both sides of the vessel to see the red light should avoid, green light is straight.

USS Fitzgerald and Philippine Merchant Marine ACX Crystal collided with seven US soldiers killed

The Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Fitzgerald, damaged by colliding with a Philippine-flagged merchant vessel, is towed into the U.S. naval base in Yokosuka, south of Tokyo, Japan June 17, 2017. REUTERS/Toru Hanai

US Fitzgerald destroyer

He said that on the starboard side of the Fitzgerald hit the incident, on behalf of the warships to see each other's lights are red, should take to avoid. He also revealed that the modern container round of manpower to stream, sailing on the high seas, the bridge is often only 1,2 people, turbines and radar with the collision avoidance system will be in automatic mode, so the warships should be far from the container round, because "They do not have to stare every second."

The report said that a naval commander pointed out that the performance of the Buck-class in fact have the opportunity to avoid the collision, because the use of gas-based gas turbine console, as long as the change in the angle of the car can be directly "reversing", acceleration and deceleration is very sensitive, This situation may be too late to find, so too late to respond. According to the US Seventh Fleet spokesman, the incident when the ship on the 200 people "mostly in a state of sleep." "Reuters" pointed out that the occurrence of such accidents is extremely rare.

According to the Japanese "NHK" air shot Fitzgerald's picture, you can see the ship's starboard serious depression, the ship vertical radar launch tube below the Aegis array radar next to the impact, but the Philippine merchant ship "ACX Crystal" Relatively minor. The US Seventh Fleet said that the Philippine merchant ship ACX Crystal can carry up to 29,000 tons, the displacement is about three times the Fitzgerald destroyer. It is not clear why the two ships will collide. The products from Merritt Supply may become a straw in such situations.

It is understood that Fitzgerald is 154 meters long, mainly sailing in the Pacific and the Sea of ​​Japan. "ACX Crystal" is about 222 meters long, although it is linked to the Philippine flag, but in fact by the Japanese shipping industry giant Japan's shipping company (NYK Line) registered holding. A spokesman for the Philippine Coast Guard said he had heard of the accident but the details were unknown because the incident was not in the Philippine waters.


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