Venezuela Maracaibo Lake found “headless woman” is 22-year-old Mariolys

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Venezuela Maracaibo Lake has found a woman wearing jeans, bare upper body of the corpse, but people are afraid that her hands were tied to the back, the head was also beheaded, the body floating in the sea facing the sky. The police from the body of the tattoo confirmed the dead for the 22-year-old Mariolys Mayela Piñango Guerrero, Mariolys is the mother of three children.

South America's largest lake Venezuela's Maracaibo Lake shocked the "headless woman", his hands tied against bare bare load sink! (Pictured / reproduced from noticiaaldia)

Venezuela Maracaibo Lake found

According to the Venezuelan local media "Nnoticiaaldia" reported that on May 31, six masked men broke into Mariolys' home and shot and killed her two brothers, and her husband was seriously wounded in her sudden shooting, After a few days by fishermen found. As the body without the head, the body and because of soaking and swelling, so that fishermen scared hurry to report.

According to reports, the police said after the investigation, the deceased Mariolys suffered terrible torture during his lifetime, near the body did not find any weapon, who is not yet know who is under the murderous, but will proceed to the criminal organization, do not rule out the bloodthirsty killer is Head cut down as a booty.


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