“Washington Responsibility and Moral Citizen” accused the Trump government of privately deleting the internal mail

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US Superintendent "Washington Responsibility and Moral Citizen" filed a legal action against Trump on June 22, US President of the United States, alleging that the President violated the three "federal presidential records" laws, including the use of tools to automatically remove the White House internal mail, The Federal Presidential Records Act was introduced during the tenure of Nixon, which stipulated that the White House had to keep and regularly disclose the President's record of government affairs.

"Washington Responsibility and Moral Citizenship" organization did not disclose any conclusive evidence, but a considerable number of third-party reports point to many internal messages that were illegally deleted. In March, MSNBC reported that Trump's deputies had cleared their electronic equipment and destroyed unfavorable evidence that could involve a Russian hacker survey. Other reports indicate that the record of the early immigration restrictions on administrative orders was also cleared, and the removal of telegrams involving presidential affairs was also exposed.
"Washington Responsibility and Moral Citizens" organization pointed out that "the use of Burn After Reading e-mail message application" is also a direct violation of the presidency, in the early Trump government, White House employees use a Burn After Reading mail message application, and did not Whether such information is related to the presidential affairs.


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