White House Advisor Ivanka Trump wants to “stay away from politics” CNN Reporter: how could it be!

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US President Trump's daughter, Ivanka Trump, often escorted herself in front of the media and served as senior adviser to the White House, but before she was interviewed by the Fox TV program, she said she was trying to "stay away from politics." When asked how the performance of Trump as president, she, as usual, that my father's performance is sufficient to get A-level evaluation.

When I was interviewed by Ivanka Trump, asked Trump as president of the performance, she replied, "I think he is doing very well, whether it is national security, support for US labor policy, and the booming stock market," the national small businesses are Can feel the prospect of optimism and vitality, it is very difficult to work, and in any case there are opponents, "criticism is always easier than the actual to do." The host asked Ainsley Earhardt to ask Trump a bit, and Ivanka Trump was confident to answer "yes A".

However, Ivanka Trump has been trying to avoid openly talking about political issues, when asked his father some controversial "social media use habits", she only said that his father is a man of amazing political talent, do a lot of everyone Something that can not be imagined. Then she said that she was very hard to "stay away from politics," because politics was not her specialty, "so I let other people do it, and I focus on issues that I am deeply concerned about on."

White House Advisor Ivanka Trump wants to

▲ father is president, Ivanka Trump but want to stay away from politics.

But Ivanka Trump argues that CNN's political journalist and editor questioned Chris Cillizza that the president himself was one of the country's most powerful political figures and a Republican member , Trump in the day has made six political-related Twitter, as the White House senior adviser Ivanka Trump, simply can not really away from politics, "This is like a baseball coach assistant said to stay away from playing baseball, really Strange, "the text does not matter and the logic of the conflict, only show Ivanka Trump in the escape problem only.

At the end of the visit, Ivanka Trump mentions her life in Washington, where she says that she will be goose bumps when she walks into the White House, but her two children are still fit, "they are working with the greatest effort Grandfather is the president of this matter, "the children also the President of the Air Force One called" candy plane ", because there is a lot of snacks to eat, every time the plane is very hi, eat a lot of candy, Unable to control.