Why do users not eD2k? Talk about the rise and fall of eD2k and eMule

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If you are in the fall of the mountain through the battle, then you will know the word "eMule". In the impression of many people, this is a very popular download software, using the "eD2k" at the beginning of the proprietary download link. But in recent years, "eMule" and eD2k gradually faded, in recent years, users are increasingly using eD2k, but Magnet magnetic links become normal.

Many users will have doubts, although the "eMule" developers and operators VeryCD has been transformed, the network less eD2k a treasure trove of resources, but why other sites are less and less eD2k? ED2k and Magnet flux chain seems to be no different, we can use the Thunder and whirlwind like the tools to download, eD2k even earlier supported by offline download, why we are away from the eD2k? Today, talk about this topic together.

Do you really understand "eMule" and eD2k?

To talk about eD2k, first of all need to understand the "eMule" history and itself. In fact, the most well-known VeryCD eMule, is not the original sense of the eMule, and VeryCD eMule has a reputation for fame. EMule history can be traced back to VeryCD far from birth in 2000, MetaMachine company developed a "eDonkey" software, translation is "eMule" means - this is the true sense of eMule.

We are accustomed to the VeryCD eMule as a download software, but need to emphasize that, eDonkey is not a download software, eD2k link is not for the download and students. EDonkey is a shared software, the first use of eD2k eDonkey network, any file can generate the corresponding eD2k link, shared to all users using eDonkey network. Once you share a file in eDonkey, the file will generate the corresponding eD2k link, others can also eD2k network search and download to your shared file.

Why do users not eD2k? Talk about the rise and fall of eD2k and eMule

In 2002, a German developer was not satisfied with the functionality of eDonkeye Mule and developed a third-party open source client that supports the eD2k protocol - eMule, which is what we call eMule. The eMule adds a lot of new features that eDonkey does not support, especially to support the KAD network, which can be said to make eMule completely different from the root cause of eDonkey.

EDonkey eDonkey network used, although it is based on P2P sharing, but still inseparable from the central. A group of people using eDonkey for file sharing, you must have a central server as a communication center, to provide users with search files and other services. And KAD is more thorough P2P, only the user as a node, the user can directly connect, completely out of the central server.

The KAD network is of great significance for the eD2k protocol. In 2004, eDonkey ceased to develop due to copyright infringement, and the central server in the eDonkey network became evidence of eDonkey's involvement in piracy. The open source eMule eMule, on the one hand did not involve business activities, on the other hand to support the KAD network, shared piracy between users can be pushed to the user's spontaneous behavior, so to withstand the pressure of copyright holders stand still. Here, we can sort out a little eMule, eD2k relationship.

EDonkey: eMule original, commercial software, can share files via eDonkey network.

EDonkey network: the use of P2P technology to build a shared network, but the need for a central server to establish a connection.

ED2k: eDonkey network used by the agreement, eDonkey network shared file will generate eD2k at the beginning of the link.

EMule eMule: eDonkey's third-party client, open source software, in addition to supporting eDonkey network, also supports KAD network.

KAD network: more thorough P2P sharing network, do not need the central server, and eDonkey network interconnection, the agreement is eD2k.

KAD network eMule different from eDonkey, eD2k network has become the essence.

Well, we continue to say veryCD eMule it.

VeryCD eMule: to promote eD2k popular in China

Why do users not eD2k? Talk about the rise and fall of eD2k and eMule

Speaking of eMule / eMule in China's popular, VeryCD version of "eMule" is not around the past. Many friends know VeryCD, above the massive resources that we all have heard. But in fact, VeryCD site and did not store a vast cloud of resources, the above resources are actually eD2k link. Have to say that there is such a site is very convenient, directly through the eMule search eD2k network, but the resources, such as chaos, you can only search by keywords, met the title party, but also down to the gourd doll.

VeryCD to eD2k resources were integrated, established eD2k sharing platform, once became the largest in mainland China, one of the resources to share the site. Since it involves eD2k resources business, VeryCD naturally will launch the corresponding client - it is difficult to imagine their own sites need to be linked to other sites to download the client, in order to use the site service, right? So, VeryCD take eMule to surgery.

As mentioned earlier, eMule is an open source software, which provides the foundation for VeryCD. VeryCD use eMule eMule source code, developed a veryCD eMule, which is the most familiar with the Chinese Internet users "eMule". Compared with eMule eMule, VeryCD eMule easier to get started, do not need to carry out complex configuration, do not need to delve into what share, direct VeryCD website resources, so popular in the country. For a time, VeryCD eMule has become a must for the installed capacity, eD2k and "eMule" in China's prosperity, reached its peak.

Did not last long, since 2009, China has strengthened the network copyright control, VeryCD was forced to transition, removed almost all of the eD2k shared link. Rely on VeryCD website VeryCD eMule, lost the foothold of the fundamental, naturally hidden in the history of the trend.

However, despite the low tide of VeryCD eMule, but eMule eMule and eD2k still did not fall, after all, they rely on the eD2k network. As long as someone is using eMule to share files, eDonkey and KAD network will still be running. It is reasonable to say that this is a near-perfect P2P resource sharing architecture, but in these years, eD2k link heat is also a significant decline - eMule original from five years ago 70W weekly downloads, down to just 2W. In many resource stations, are provided Magnet flux or BT seeds, eD2k is not the old driver to drive the mainstream.

In the offline download popular now, orthodox BT software such as μtorrent also play, but with the orthodox eMule under the resources, I am afraid that is really non-mainstream non-mainstream. Why is eD2k not as popular as BT? This is from the fundamental difference between them.

Why do people no longer love eD2k?

Although there are a bunch of links, but eD2k and Magnet fluxes are fundamentally different - eD2k corresponding eMule eMule is a shareware, and Magnet flux corresponding to the BT software is to download the software. Which makes them in use, there are many fundamental differences.

As mentioned earlier, eMule is actually a shareware, eD2k protocol for sharing and students. Orthodox eMule the use of the process and BT has a huge difference, it is generally used in this way.

After opening eMule, the first thing to do is not what to download, but to set up a shared directory, all the files in the directory will be shared in real time to the eDonkey and KAD network. Directory shared documents will generate eD2k link, all through the corresponding eD2k link, you can get the file you share, once someone download the appropriate file, then your eMule client will upload data.

We usually use eD2k link to download, the resources are also shared by someone else eMule file. Of course, the shared directory can also be kept, but many eMule client has a queue priority mechanism, upload less, download speed will be limited.

After setting up the shared directory, you need to configure upnp to get HighID. In eMule, HighID can be more direct P2P transmission, whether it is uploaded or downloaded or resource search, are more powerful. In addition, to get a better experience in eMule, you also need to set the IPFilter to prevent the vampire client, set a reliable eD2k server update list, and so on. It can be said that the use of eMule is very complicated, if you just want to simply download something, eMule is not for you.

Compared with the eD2k, BT-based network of Magnet flux linkage is much simpler. BT for the download and students, as long as someone in the relevant download and upload tasks, you can continue to spread, BT software client does not need additional settings, as long as the addition of Magnet flux can run. In addition, eD2k sharing is file-based, and BT tasks can be based on folders. Only need a Magnet link, you can download to the whole heap of the file, this eD2k link can not do.

ED2k The reason for the decline

In short, the characteristics of eD2k, it is decided to be everywhere, embodied as follows.

ED2k orthodox client eMule configuration complex, difficult to get started.

EMule once opened, the default will continue to upload the shared file, this large flow of upload tasks, not suitable for China to upload a narrow bandwidth of the Internet. Some operators in order to reduce the pressure of upload, and even directly blocked the KAD agreement, so that eMule useless.

EMule sealed Thunderbolt and other vampire client. Thunder and other clients have a vampire mechanism, from the eMule to take the data, but did not return data to the eD2k network, which makes a lot of eMule clients are using IPFilter blocked the Thunder. Many people found under the eD2k Thunder does not move, and gradually do not have the link eD2k.

HighID is getting harder to get. In eMule, HighID will get faster, but this requires public IP. Now operators generally provide users with IP network, which limits the transmission efficiency of eMule.

An eD2k link can only download one file. In contrast, BT a task can download multiple files. When downloading a resource compilation, a flux linkage is easier than a line of eD2k links.

In addition, eMule's real role is to share, but people rarely aware of this. See eD2k link, many people's first reaction is to use Thunder and other tools to download, which in the infinite also destroyed the eD2k network shared ecology. For a variety of reasons, eD2k although there are people, but the popularity can not be compared with the Magnet flux.

From a technical point of view, the eD2k protocol is more advanced than the Magnet flux linkage. ED2k network can not only share files, but also support resource search, communication and other functions, can be described as an existing P2P network can be separated from the Internet, it is able to reflect the "everyone for me, I am everyone" spirit.

However, eMule complex configuration so many people discouraged, less VeryCD to promote, eD2k more and more away from the mainstream Internet users vision. Perhaps the future easier to use client, network bandwidth to further develop, eD2k can be re-emerging it.