Will Russia build a military base in the Kuril Islands near Japan?

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Russia on the 8th to the Kuril Islands in the Song Island (Matua) sent a second expedition, the Russian Pacific Fleet ships will be more than 100 soldiers, scholars and a number of technical equipment to the local. Russian media analysis pointed out that the Song of the island of Russia has important strategic significance, the future of the Russian side is likely to be deployed to the local steel fortress.

According to "RIA Novosti" reported that the Russian Defense Ministry recently announced the construction of the airport in the Songtan Island and the Pacific Fleet ship berthing plan. Russian Defense Minister José Oshi (Сергей Кужугетович Шойгу) said that in addition to these construction plans alone, Russia will actively develop the island.

Will Russia build a military base in the Kuril Islands near Japan?

The report pointed out that the area of ​​Matsushima Island, but 52 square kilometers, it caused such a big concern is not without reason. Songtong Island is located in the central Kuril Islands, about 740 km from Japan's Hokkaido, during World War II, Matsushima was Japan's largest naval base. Matsushima is like a fortress in the ocean, and in addition to the innate protection of the cliffs, the Japanese army left the road, the military airport runway and the use of large areas of underground buildings are still well preserved.

According to the report, Russia is adjacent to 12 countries at sea, but all countries do not all have a good relationship with Russia. So far, the United States has also implemented military and political measures against Russia, and between Japan and Kurilskye ostrova ) Sovereignty dispute, so Russia to strengthen the defense of the Far East is very reasonable.

The report concludes that Russia has been building a shore defense system since 2015, which is important for controlling the Kuril Islands and the Bering Strait, as well as navigating the Navy's deployment route and improving the naval strategic nuclear power. This time in the Songtan Island construction of steel base, the system can be described as quite helpful.


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