Yingying Zhang still has the possibility of surviving

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Concerned about Yingying Zhang's well-known Chinese lawyer Deng Hong July 6th with the Chinese gods, the United States criminal identification expert Dr. Li Changyu on the case to discuss, and this morning revealed Dr. Li Changyu Dr. Ying Zhang Zhang case. Li Changyu that Yingying Zhang still survived the possibility of FBI should be fully prepared to find all the clues, as soon as possible to find the whereabouts of the chapter.

Li Changyu said that the general kidnapping case has three major categories of motives, one for money, the use of kidnapping means to extort the family to get money, two gangs for illegal transactions and kidnapping opponents as a means of exchange, the third is to meet the metamorphosis of sexual needs The In this case, the motivation is likely to be for sexual needs. In the kidnapping case, 90 per cent of the victims were women, while the traditional suspects were characterized by white men, aged between 25 and 37, who had suffered a setback in their sexuality Abused

Li Changyu said that most of the suspects placed the victim in a hidden place as a sexual slave who had ventured himself, and that a small number of cases were satisfied immediately after the release of the victim. If the victim is treated as a sexual slave in a place, and now the suspect has been arrested, unless someone to help him take care of the victim, otherwise, the longer the delay, the less chance of survival, so the police should be in the recent efforts to find the victim The whereabouts of the people. Li Changyu, who has dealt with numerous missing cases in the past 50 years, has made some suggestions on the search for missing population clues, such as the number of vehicles used in the suspect's car, the number of refueling, the recording of the gas station, the location of the suspect's mobile phone, the location of the suspect's credit card And other large data to draw a search circle, from his stay, work, live and other places to conduct a careful search to see if there is any chamber, basement, to see if he has driven other cars, check the car box is stored victim Who investigates whether he has to rent some of the warehouse space.

Li Changyu said that the general kidnapping of sexual perversion is often not a crime, so the investigators must investigate his past life and work over the place to understand his way of committing the crime. And these criminals will generally have psychological problems, they will return to the scene as sympathizers, on the one hand is to understand the case into love, on the other hand because the police can not solve the case and get psychological pleasure.

When the incident, Christensen was unemployed, living by his wife's meager income

Chinese descent Li Changyu: Yingying Zhang is still alive and should be as soon as possible to find its whereabouts

The allegedly kidnapped Yingying Zhang's Christensen had a doctor of physics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and had speculated on his "high IQ". However, the US prosecutors recently published information shows that the incident when Christensen is in the unemployed state.

According to the United States Broadcasting Corporation reported that the University of Illinois Urbana - Champaign Department of Physics Professor Cooper said, Christensen in 2013 into the Department of Physics, but decided to withdraw in 2016. Then Christensen continued to serve as an assistant until graduation in May 2017 to get a master's degree. Cooper said that during the study of Christensen, did not hear that he had abnormal performance. The school spokesman Keller also said that the relationship between Christensen and the physics department ended in May 2017.

Reported that Christensen's "collar British" website home page shows that he is the school's Department of Physics PhD candidates, research condensed state physics, long as a researcher and assistant. Christensen graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he studied physics and mathematics. According to Illinois local media, "News" reported that he had a close relationship with the University of Wisconsin Department of Physics Professor Heide Dayton said that the former students were suspected of kidnapping shocked, feeling he is a completely ordinary students, there is no unusual place. Herndon said he expressed deep sympathy for the victims and his family.Yingying Zhang still has the possibility of surviving

According to the Chicago Tribune, on July 5, at the second court hearing of the day, the US Federal Assistant Prosecutor Freès announced a three-day affidavit. The document says Christensen was in an unemployed situation at the time of the incident. His wife earns $ 1,800 a month, and the couple need to pay $ 900 a month for rent, $ 100 for utilities, and $ 150 for other expenses.

Reported by the Deloitte, Datawheel data company and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology media laboratory co-founder of the "Data United States" Web site found that the average annual income of urban residents in the Gulf of Urbana and Penn region in the $ 50,000 to $ 60 million , The average annual income of men is 58,533 US dollars, the average annual income of women is 48,231 US dollars. Christensen's wife's income is well below the average.

User hot: why the suspects are trial Yingying Zhang or can not find

Earlier, local time on the morning of July 3, Christensen in the first nine minutes of the hearing, in addition to that know individual rights, and always remain silent, refused to account for the whereabouts of Yingying Zhang. Yingying Zhang missing the fourth week, local time on July 5 at 3 pm, suspected of kidnapping Chinese visiting scholar Yingying Zhang white man Brendt Christensen (Brendt Christensen) the second appearance in court. After about two minutes of the second hearing, the police still knew nothing about the whereabouts of Yingying Zhang. United States Illinois Central District Court rejected the suspect's bail application. And the most public attention Yingying Zhang's location information is still a mystery. Find Ying Ying, severely punish suspects, as the case of the collective appeal of concern.

How can the legal process of the United States make people feel so hard? The criminals are found, but also can not find people? "Sina microblogging friends @ leaning against the window alone. However, silence is the right of American law to give him. Some users believe that this can be seen from the focus of the differences between China and the United States. "The focus of the US police on the case is to the law of the perpetrators of the law, although this is nothing wrong, can save the lives of the victims, the remains of the search after, I can not bear. Many places have been advocating adherence to 'both hands should be caught, both hands should be hard'. "An anonymous know friends wrote. He believes that the key to solving the case lies in the victim, not the criminal. Yingying Zhang should not be an addendum to the case, and the golden age of saving should be more important than protecting the human rights of the suspect.

US police lasted 21 days to arrest suspects to solve the problem is low

In recent days, with the arrest of Christensen, China's criminal investigation and simulation portrait expert Lin Yuhui suddenly burst red network. According to reports, in the latter part of the investigation, the Chinese criminal investigation experts had contact with the United States, and exchanged views on the case. Before the arrest of the suspect, June 23, Lin Yuhui according to Yingying Zhang missing the day (June 9) very vague monitoring screen, hand painted "Yingying Zhang missing case" suspects - carrying Yingying Zhang Saturn car driver. Lin Yuhui painted suspects to restore the avatar, and later proved to be consistent with the suspects were arrested, realistic level not only shocked the US police, but also make friends wonder: "mosaic picture in his eyes are high-definition no code", "powerful, my Chinese police ". At the same time, around the "US police lasted 21 days to arrest suspects, detection efficiency is low," the discussion pushed up again.

"If Yingying Zhang kidnapping occurred in China, the national concern, 48 hours to solve the case of how big?" This topic, has now attracted more than 400 million visits. Some users believe that in this case, infrastructure and public services is to limit the US police rapid detection of the case of "Mishap". China because of Skynet system, acquaintance and other social advantages. User @ dusjealsfdecxae believe that the probability of a short break in China is at least doubled. "Because of the special ID card and mobile phone real name system to limit the maximum extent of the kidnappers mobile radius, highway high-definition camera and the card security camera grab a prospective, with an adult to take the car, with the car just to find. "User @zzhan zz pointed out that the United States to sparsely populated, coupled with almost everyone license to drive, the scope of activities in every empty road to set up a camera is very inefficient. According to New Haven security camera installer, there is a great number of security cameras that are regularly installed for commercial and residential usage.

"The US police are slow to respond, blame is possible, but can not use their own national conditions to understand the phenomenon of foreign countries," friends @ qdhh16, who explained that "like in sparsely populated areas, the difficulty of handling cases higher than the camera Dense city. "